General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sun August 26th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sun August 26th

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Good morning!

What is that strange feeling? Is it everything is going so well that your inner skeptic is going nuts? Let go of the worry that something is amiss because you are swiftly moving in the right direction. 

Ther crows gather in a beautiful abundant garden - all is well in the world. The crows are in peace - with all their material needs met they are able to focus on cultivating more happiness in their life - their's is a blissful life. 

In the past position, the Ten of Cups points to an inner-harmony as a result of happy memories that have come together to form a foundation for your outlook on the world. Similar to yesterday's Sun in the past position - your ability to recall the good times have helped you get through any darker periods as you have the innate ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Calling upon fond memories and past achievements have served as an important tool because it allows you to get into that feeling of success - and it is through that feeling that you attract more opportunities that will help you secure your desired outcome. 

The crow seeing an opportunity to reduce its effort yet get to its desired destination even quicker - catches the tailwind of the wands that whisk through the air effortlessly - cutting through obstacles with ease and grace.

At the heart of today's reading is the Eight of Wands and with it, you may be experiencing a bout of motion sickness as things are moving so quickly forward! The energy of the Eight of Wands clears away any blocks and opens the channels for creative thinking. This is a time for ideas! Your problem-solving skills are amplified and things are falling into place without much friction. Of course, if having things go your way seems to be a new occurrence then your inner skeptic may be triggering warning signs as you have entered uncharted territory. The message that comes from the Eight of Wands is - go with the flow. Trust your creativity and allow good things to unfold as a result of jumping all in. 

With the blissful Ten of Cups sitting in the past position, it is your nature to expect something good to happen - lean into that feeling because with the Eight of Wands you will be able to reach your goal faster than you would have thought possible. 

The crow dances in the victory circle - it has been a long slog to get there - but it made it and the outcome is worth celebrating!

The World sitting in the future position indicates that you will find a successful outcome to your situation - you just need to have faith that in time it will happen. Although things may be progressing quickly - you still may require patience for your desire to fully manifest. Much like planting a seed and expecting a tree to grow overnight - you need to nurture your dream, feed it what it needs to grow - as it will bear fruit - in time. 

The World asks that you have faith - don't give up and with the Eight of Wands speeding up the process a bit you won't need to wait much longer. 

"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time." ~ Leo Tolstoy





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