General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday April 29th

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Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

There is a calm and reassuring vibe coming through the cards this morning. For those who are negotiating a position around finances whether it is a divorce or new job - the energy is perfect for the situation to end up being a win-win.

Sitting on top of the pentacle the crow's view is no longer blocked by the clouds and the mountains in the distance come into focus. The crow of the Ace of Pentacles brings in a clear vision one that can see the best path forward. 

With the Ace of Pentacles starting off this spread, its energy is one that will radiate across time - bringing with it a desire to feel secure around material possessions. This may have started off as a childhood in which you never experienced poverty, or at least you never felt poor. Your mindset has always been one of being able to attain abundance - even if you haven't manifested it yet - you have the natural ability to stay positive. With the Ace of Pentacles in the past position, the situation you are facing today is a result of needing to feel financially secure and your once positive mindset towards money may have drifted into fear and lack. 

The crow of Temperance carefully pours the water from one cup to the other - it is through perfect balance and intent that the crow is able to not spill a drop. Although on the inside this bird is anxious and maybe even a bit nervous - on the outside she is cool and calm. 

At the heart of this reading is an energy around a dispute, one that you feel very firm on your position. The message of Temperance is to seek harmony in the situation - both sides will find a positive resolution and balance will be restored to the situation. Holding any fear will reinforce any extreme emotions you have during this time - by working together on a solution, both parties will be able to declare victory. 

“Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle.”  ~George R.R. Martin

And that brings us nicely to the Ten of Pentacles where the crows are safe and secure in their home, as all the resources they need are there. The Ten of Pentacles offers an energy of financial security. 

With the Ten of Pentacles in the future position, this signals that any current dispute over finances will end in your benefit. You will find yourself feeling more secure about your financial situation and the worries of the past will be over. 

The overall message I get here is if you are facing a negotiation - take some time to create a vision of what you want, visualize what a real success will look like. However, avoid taking that vision to an extreme - the key is to remain flexible. By working together to find balance, the conflict will be transformed into a means for both parties to find mutual success.




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