General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday August 12th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday August 12th

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Good morning! 

There is a nurturing energy building and although there may have been fear in the past regarding financial matters - the message today is to not only have faith but also find someone who can lead you and teach you how best to proceed so that you feel secure.

The crow holds tightly four pentacles. The coins were the result of hard work and because the crow has a see-saw pattern with resources - this time it is going to make sure that he keeps what he earns. The only problem with this solution the crow discovers is that because he can't move - he can't get more coins and all he will ever have is what is in his arms. 

The Four of Pentacles points to a belief that may have been rooted in your childhood or in the past at some point when you had something of importance and it was taken away or lost. There was such a high value associated with this thing that losing it created a seed - a fear of losing something valuable and because of this you may have a higher attachment to material items. 

With this energy in the past - there is almost certainly a block somewhere around money - and being that the subject of money is about as taboo as sex being it is not polite to talk about it in public, or admit to wanting it without a feeling judged - I am sure that most of us have a block somewhere in this area. 

I think I mentioned this in a previous post but one of my favorite ways to get the flow happening and detach from material possessions is to go through my apartment and gather things I haven't touched or used in six months and take them to Goodwill. There is some serious power to decluttering - I actually feel the energy of our apartment feel lighter and more positive when I return home. In fact, that is on my schedule today being that I need to clear out a closet for the 54 boxes of decks that are on their way to me!

The warm nurturing crow sits on her throne. She is a loving mother and rules her abundant kingdom with a generous heart. 

The energy at the center today is that of the kind mother and Queen of Pentacles. She brings with her a feeling of security and alleviates any stress that comes from worry. This energy removes the feeling of fear around financial matters and creates calm around resources. 

The Queen of Pentacles may present itself to you as a helping hand or someone who is generous and helpful. You - may be the Queen of Pentacles if you have moved past the fear or lack that was in your past and is now able to help others find peace of mind around financial worries. 

Lean into the Queen of Pentacles whether it be of receiving or helping others as her energy is one that supports abundance and creating the right atmosphere for new opportunities around money to grow.  

The crows gather to listen to the wisdom of an older bird. The Hierophant's experience and devotion to a single philosophy enabled him to take the role as a teacher - one that his students value and respect.

The Hierophant indicates that the energy created by the Queen of Pentacles comes from a strong pull to a belief system - one that is creating a change in your life. Whether or not it is for the better will be for you to decide.

The Four of Pentacles may have been a block in your past that you are now working on resolving or removing - and because of this the Queen's energy is present - with the Hierophant supporting the Queen this transformation is the result of seeing your situation from a different perspective from learning or studying the philosophy of someone who you admire or respect. 

“The very best thing you can do for the world is to make the most of yourself.” Wallace D. Wattles








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