General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday December 2nd

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday December 2nd

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Good morning!

Your actions in the past may have been viewed as selfish by some, and as a result, it may have caused some friction at the time, more importantly, it led to developing a passion for something or someone that connected with your soul. When you embraced this new path, successfully integrating it into your life, you solidified your commitment, and in doing so, each challenge is now interpreted as a way to strengthen your position, not as a means to knock you down.

The crow spotting an opportunity to grab another crow's swords swoops in and makes an attempt to take them all, however, despite successfully taking some it doesn't get away with as much as it had hoped. Also, the crafty crow leaves a few feathers revealing itself - removing any chance of deniability.

The Seven of Swords indicates that the foundation for your current situation stemmed from a period of your life when you took an opportunity that compelled you and sent your intuition buzzing. You "just knew" that it needed to be explored and although you may have attempted to do this stealthfully, in the end, you had to come clean and admit that your actions. Although beneficial for your growth your lack of sensitivity was the source of resentment for others. Your actions didn't completely poison the pot - it did lead to a period of unsettledness.

Although it may have been difficult at the time and there may have been some uncomfortable discussions, today you can see how this single act set into motion the events that led you to a life-long passion.

The crows come together and share the nourishment of a heart-filling their veins with the same life-force. With their combined strength the crows bring together the Sun and the Moon creating balance and allowing each their opportunity to show their power while working together.

The Lovers brings maturity to your situation and the ability to see the value in working with others towards a common goal or shared passion. With this energy present, although in the past the best course of action may have been going solo, today your situation benefits from sticking to your commitments and working within a relationship as your end goal is shared.

This relationship or current situation has taught you the valuable lesson of compromise and how to collaborate to ensure that both parties find a positive solution - strengthening not only the bond between you but also creating a firm foundation for future successes to build upon. Whereas in the past you may have been concerned with your needs only - it is this current connection and a desire to ensure it advances that has you carefully weighing your decisions so that no hurt feelings that come from betrayal or resentment fall at your feet.

The Seven of Swords and Lovers combo may point to a period when you weren't faithful, or because of a deep connection you felt with someone else you ended a relationship in a way that wasn't respectful to the other person's feelings (or at least that is how they view the situation.) This past experience proved to be an essential chapter in your life as it taught you that there are consequences to your actions and for a relationship to be successful a true partnership needs to be formed. As a result, your current relationship is in a stable place because you place a higher value on working together instead of independent desires.

If your current situation is not romantic in nature, this combo represents joining forces or falling in love with something - maybe a new career or hobby that took you away from a situation that didn't spark your spirit. In your excitement to begin a new adventure, you may have left loose ends or others picking up where you left off. Only now that you are in a position of feeling in love with what you do can you see how detrimental your actions were to those you left behind and because of this you are able to understand the importance of working together and committing to the overall success.

The crow stands at the top of a steep cliff. Its feet are firmly placed and although usually, any little distraction would send the crow flying into the air - today it holds its position despite being challenged as each encounter fortifies its stance.

The Seven of Wands comes through this morning because when you hold your position, stand firm in your relationship, any challenge you encounter will only serve as an opportunity to grow and develop into a lifelong bond. You have finally found something or someone worth fighting for.

"It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else." ~ Erma Bombeck



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