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General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday December 9th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday December 9th

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Good Morning! 

My goal each morning is to create a post using the Crow Tarot to help you and other readers see a situation from another angle - or offer a confirmation. I love doing these morning reading because not only do I get a chance to explore the deck and I learn something new every day...I also get to be of service and that combo of creating and being at service fills my soul. If you find my readings offer you daily insight I hope you will consider subscribing and becoming a Patron of my work


The message coming through this morning is one of focus. When you keep your eye on the destination, "stay the course" and not allow any obstacles or slow periods to distract you - your goal will be attained. The key will be to take control and pull back on impulses or reacting in a way that may make you feel better in the moment but does little to help you move forward.

The crow soars through the air channeling the thunderous energy of a charging horse as a little songbird sings of a new opportunity. The thick feathers of the crow cut through the air as if they were blades and although this bird is not malicious or in search of hurting others - for those in its path it is wise to step aside.

The Knight of Swords suggests a period in your past when you went after a goal or an idea without thinking about its impact on others because it was too exciting or too good to hold back. Although you may have been a bit blind to all the details, you saw the potential and charged forward.

There may have been a lack of communication surrounding this event creating conflict, and there may have been some casualties in regards to relationships, in the end, however, you decided to take control, and that sparked a significant and positive change in your life.

This may have been a period when you broke away from a group to go after a new interest on your own or saw an opportunity to get ahead at a job without thinking about how it would impact your relationship with your fellow coworkers.

Your current situation is linked to this period as it serves as a foundation for where you are today.

The young crow excited by its latest shiny discovery carries the massive sword through the air. The wind begins to circle the crow, and for a moment the bird feels the uneasiness of being suspended in the air as it is pushed and pulled simultaneously. The young bird feeling frantic energy take hold quickly analyzes its choices and uses the sword methodically to control the wind and finds its path forward.

The Page of Swords comes forward front and center with the message to proceed with caution and practice restraint. Progress may be slower in respect to your present situation than you are comfortable with and that may lead to you actively seeking a solution - however, being patient will serve your position better.

You may find that your mind is more active as you search for solutions and although quick-wit may be an asset the majority of the time; you will need to be aware of your words during this time as they may come off as harsh and in the end actually, hinder your progress. You may feel tempted to defend your position or put others in their place when feeling attacked - however the best course of action at this time is to wait out the storm. This is not the time to engage in petty arguments or get wrapped up in drama.

The Knight of Swords had you rushing in and taking charge - however, with Page of Swords bringing forward youthful energy your new path created by the Knight will benefit from slowing down and approaching your situation from a place of curiosity, of learning as much as you can before reacting.

The bird set out on a long journey, one that it had known and accepted would be long and arduous. As the night fell the winds kicked up and storm moved across the sky. The bird pushed it wings harder and rose above the clouds where it was able to avoid the rain and harness the fast-moving wind.

The Chariot brings a positive message to your current situation as you will find success in regards to any obstacles that are facing you at the present moment.

Despite all the ups and downs that you may have endured over the years - today, when you keep your focus on the end goal and control your urge to react without contemplation your progress, will be steady and swift.

You dared to break free and go after something exciting and now that you are living this new life - the exciting honeymoon period is over so to speak you will find that patience and consideration will help strengthen your position. Keeping your eye on the end goal and not allowing distractions or petty arguments to derail your progress will help you build a fast moving forward momentum and success will be yours.



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