General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday July 22

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday July 22

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Good morning!

There is an opportunity you are missing and it is right there - right over there look! If you take it - it will lead to a wonderful partnership and maybe even a soulmate connection. 

The courageous and stern Emperor crow sits on his throne where he can survey the land - he is a bird of order and if anything is out of place he is there to ensure that it is fixed. His mind is logical and he has the ability to make swift, clear-headed decisions that rely less on emotion and more on logic. He is not a cruel or bullish leader - he does not demand loyalty or coerce his subjects - no he garners the respect of his followers as a result of his high-level of integrity. Those around him know when he speaks - it is the truth and when he acts those actions are for the good of all, not just his personal needs. 

The Emperor in the past position denotes that the strong level headed masculine energy came into your life during your youth and had an influence on who you became today. This person may have been a strict but loving father, or perhaps a teacher you admired or maybe it was your first boss who taught you the value of a working hard and smart - regardless of who this person was - it is their influence that matters today as  you approach life a bit differently as a result of your experience with this person. 

The Five of Pentacles tells the story of two different groups of crows. The first set of crows are warm and comfortable roosting in the protective tree - away from the harsh cold wind. The other set of crows are pushed down by the wind and walk along the frozen ground. Their attention is so focused on walking forward to find comfort that they don't look up - where comfort is closer than they know. 

At the heart of today's reading is the Five of Pentacles and an opportunity for comfort that is being overlooked because you are so focused on a goal that you can't see an alternative path to success. Although you have instilled in you a strong work ethic and approach life from a place of logic - you may need to take let loose and take a short break so that you can see and appreciate an opportunity you are overlooking. Perhaps you are working on a project for school or at work - one that has your nose to the grindstone and because of this you may be missing an opportunity of a lifetime to go on an adventure, one that will lead you to live the life of your dreams. 

The crows stand on two cups as water passes between them effortlessly. They each know what the other is feeling without a single sound. Their shared heart keeps them joined from this life to the next as theirs is not just a mere relationship - it is karmically charged. Together they are a strong and formidable team - one that can achieve any goal they work together to complete. 

The Two of Cups brings a message that the situation you desire to complete will see success - in addition, you are being drawn to someone who you are connected to on a deeply soulful level. 

With the Emperor in your past you have a solid foundation of integrity and a strong work ethic and although at times this can lead to some rigidity - it will be this underlying energy that will prove beneficial once you make a decision to act on the new opportunity presented by the Five of Pentacles. The Two of Cups infers that this new opportunity will lead to a connection - one with someone who you will form a strong partnership and will prove to be an essential part of your life moving forward.

“People don’t take trips, trips take people.” ~John Steinbeck












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