General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday July 29th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning,

We hit a bit of a snag today - after everything seemed to be moving along so smoothly and with relative ease no less. In the end, however, something will give and the obstacle cleared - there is smooth sailing ahead. 

The crow flies along the wands as they clear a path forward creating the perfect conditions for a quick trip to success. Fast moving and determined, the wands energy glides in without disruption - making the trip almost effortless for the crow.

The energy of the Eight of Wands created the perfect conditions for your creativity to flow and as a result, new beginnings emerged effortlessly. With this swift energy in your past, all those little achievements that you needed to get to where you are today occurred without many obstacles and perhaps it set you up with the idea that you would reach the end without a single hiccup. Because this energy is fast moving and swift - you may have felt simply caught up in the current and because you were moving in the direction that you wanted to go - allowed the opportunities to guide you.

The crow flying across the city spots a bushel of wands on the ground - it is perfect and the crow feels a strong desire to possess the newly found treasure. The only problem - the bushel of wands is far more heavy than anticipated and the crow needs to make a decision - put in the extra effort and muscle through, get creative to figure out another way to get the wands home - or abandon the wands altogether.

The energy at the heart of today's reading is the Ten of Wands as it is causing some struggle with a project or situation. Instead of swimming through clear open water as you had been in the past - you are now trudging through mud. The question is do you hunker down - dig your heels in and put in the extra effort, do you get creative and look for another path to success - or do you let the idea go? 

The crow decided to make the long trip across the choppy waters as it knew despite the strong headwind it faced - in the end, although something would need to be left behind the air would shift and with a soft breeze from behind - a new opportunity would emerge. 

With the Six of Swords supporting the Ten of Wands the struggle you are going through today will clear and although it will require you to leave something behind - what you lose will seem insignificant compared to what you gain. 

This may require you to let go of a rigid way of handling a situation, get over the hurdle through another avenue one that requires a little creativity or it may indicate that you will need to abandon the original idea in order for a new and better opportunity to appear.  Regardless of how you proceed - the message from the Six of Swords is that you will find a place of clarity and ease as you move forward. 

The question is: How committed are you - because this situation is going to take some work, it will make you get uncomfortable - but in the end, you will find the decision you make will lead to an easier way of life. 

"A lot of what is most beautiful about the world arises from struggle." ~ Malcolm Gladwell




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