General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday June 17th

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Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning!

I decided this morning to pull an extra card being that the Ten of Swords was the third card drawn and well - I am not a fan of sad endings. Turns out it through discomfort we will reach a successful completion in the end. 

The five crows playfully joust in the air. Each one has its own style of combat and although it is all in good fun - there is a lot of puffery going on here as they try to one-up each other. It may look as though they are fighting to the death - but the only thing that will be bruised as a result of this activity is an ego. 

The foundation for a situation in your life was built upon the energy of the Five of Wands - one where you felt compelled to prove your value during a time when you may not have been as secure or had strong self-esteem. Maybe you heavily exaggerated your skills during a job interview or "puffed up" during a meeting as a means of compensating out the fear of rejection that comes from the feeling of not being "good enough." Whatever situation or event might have been in the past - the obstacle in the present or near future will be due to not being real with yourself or others. Fear can create two different events - we can either shrink or become the aggressor, either way by not owning your story you denied yourself and the world your truth - a far more powerful place to stand. 

The crow of the Seven of Wands needs to defend himself from the questioning crows that challenge his position. This bird may be on top now - but unless he can prove the place is rightfully his, the onslaught of competitors will likely continue and eventually, the crow will become too tired to fight.

At the heart of the reading and the obstacle that was created, thanks to the Five of Wands is one where you are now defending your position. This trying time may be the result of a co-worker who is all too eager to point out to anyone who will listen - the areas that you fall behind or aren't as competent. The obstacle may be a boss that "tests" your skills because they suspect you don't have what it takes to do the job. The truth is yes you can "fake it till you make it" but the making it part takes more than just getting the job - it then requires the extra work to catch up. This may be a good time to ask yourself whether or not you are truly where you want to be - is this job or task that you have taken on really bringing you joy? If you can say honestly yes - then take the Seven of Wands as a warning - its time to buckle down, stop puffing up and get real. 

The crow lies down at the base of the cliff - finding comfort against the stone. The swords that impale him were through the act of another with the final sword being an unintentional act of mercy end - as it ends the suffering. This is not the final resting place for this bird, however, as now it is free to explore new opportunities as the world has just become open to him.

The Ten of Swords following the Seven of Wands creates the perfect conditions for someone to knock you down from your position - however, the Ten of Swords does not predict what will happen - only what energy is being supported at this time - you have the power of free will and much like lightning in the weather forecast you can choose whether or not you go golfing during a thunderstorm.

That being said - if there is an ending, it may be for the best as it will enable you to move forward - taking with you a very valuable life lesson. 

Supporting you is an energy of optimism and hope as the World comes up after the Ten of Swords. The message this card brings to the table is one of staying confident - knowing that you will find success - it may be in your current position - one that you grow into and excel at and once the current hurdle is cleared. It may indicate that a better position, one that pulls out your natural strengths comes into focus as a result of moving on from your current position or task as you will be free to explore new opportunities. 

"Wherever my story takes me, however dark and difficult the theme, there is always some hope and redemption, not because readers like happy endings, but because I am an optimist at heart. I know the sun will rise in the morning, that there is a light at the end of every tunnel." ~ Michael Morpurgo



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  • Scary, because we have an inspection at work this week. Well, forewarned is forearmed!

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