General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday June 24th

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Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

What a lovely grouping of cards that came through this morning! I don't know about you, but this combo has me feeling a bit more confident in regards to my current direction!

The crow bathes in a shower of bright white light. Because it can feel all negativity wash away a strong emotional field of positive energy builds up creating a power that will create change and attract new opportunities. 

Serving as a foundation for your current situation was a time when you followed your inner compass that led you to take a chance on a new idea. This time period stands out because you were easily able to let go of negative impulses allowing for a lighter approach to life to emerge. Your mindset during this time enabled you to see the world from a brighter perspective and with it all the opportunities that were open and ready to be seized - all you needed to do was follow your intuition to find the perfect one! 

The crow that stands on the lion's snout does so with grace - not dominance. This bird has learned how to master its emotions - taming any wild fears or thoughts so that it can confidently walk through the world.

At the heart of today's reading is Strength bringing with it an energy of coming into your own - you are or will be soon entering into a time of truly understanding yourself - what makes you tick. During this time you will be able to manage your emotions, take on challenges with grace, and find willing support thanks to a calming presence -allowing you to find the best solutions to any current problems. The Strength card in the present position is when its energy is at its strongest as it brings with it peace of mind and the ability to rule over your world. 

The proud crow stands on the nine cups - each one overflowing with something the crow desired. This bird worked hard and as a result, its wishes were fulfilled.

The Nine of Cups in the future position, much like the Strength card is coming through with a strong energy denoting that you are being supported and the work you put in today will be rewarded. If you have been questioning your efforts - the Nine of Cups is a sign of optimism and although you may have hit roadblocks or obstacles in the past or maybe at the present moment - the key is to not give up, as it will be worth it. 

This spread is one of hope and perseverance - it is about allowing for new opportunities to blossom and having the courage to get uncomfortable so that success can be found. 

The Nine of Cups represents getting your wish - the important thing to remember what may seem like something you want in the present - may turn out to be more difficult or pose challenges later on. Use the energy of Strength that is building to get clear on your goals so that you will have the inner-strength to manage any variables that cause friction that may come from achieving your dream.

For example, you work hard to land the dream job with the big salary and you get it, however - the person you now report to is an absolute pill - that is going to require you summon up a good amount grace to keep positive in this new role.

"Courage is grace under pressure" ~ Ernest Hemingway



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