Second Printing of the Grimalkin Tarot is Coming Soon!
Second Printing of the Grimalkin Tarot is Coming Soon!
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General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday June 3

Daily Crow Tarot Readings JUNE

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Good morning! 

It is our dreams that help us move into a direction of a better future - even if they are outlandish or way out there - just believing in something greater will prove to be the motivation needed to reach success.

The crow who enters as the devil is a menacing bird. He is sly and manipulates all who fall under his spell. He is a charismatic gentleman when needed and will play the role you want him to - all too eagerly at that because it is the path he uses to control the weak.

In the past position, the Devil denotes a breaking free - or separating yourself from a situation or person that was controlling you. When the Devil appears in these three card readings he is most welcome in this position - The Past!

You are free from his spell and as a result of the experience much more aware of any areas of personal weaknesses or bad habits so as to avoid slipping into them in the future.  This past experience had an impact on your life and shaped who you are today at some level - however, it is the strength that came from breaking the chains that serves as a foundation to build on. 

The Page of Swords is an articulate and enthusiastic crow. He has a plan and would love to talk with anyone who will listen about it! Youthful and energetic, this bird is ready to create his own path in life - one that will move him forward in a positive direction where ideas are transformed into reality. 

In the present position, the Page of Swords has you in a tough place. It is not always easy being the person to stand up and speak truth to power or admit an error, or deliver bad news, especially if it may result in having others perceive you as the bad guy - but in the end, it will be your integrity that will shine through.

The Page of Swords in this position may indicate communicating and being honest with someone in regards to your past situation in regards to The Devil. By telling your story, it may allow for the release of emotional energy that has been building up and will come as a much-needed relief.

The energy supporting you during this time is here to help you articulate the situation so that you are clearly understood.  Although the message may not be easy to hear it will be received as valuable and welcomed information - even if their initial response doesn't feel that way to you. You will be seen as someone who is trustworthy and forthright because of your strength to speak up. 

The Crow of the Seven of Cups dreams of all the different possibilities life has to offer him and takes the time to create a lovely fantasy around each desire. 

With the Seven of Cups in the future position - what is keeping you motivated during this time is a desire for a better future. Sure you may be fantasizing a bit - but it is that ability to see life as far better than it is today that keeps you on your path. You may not reach that ideal fantasy, but where you do end up will be in line with it - as you move in the direction you focus on.

By focusing your attention on the "fantasy" will open the door to opportunities - such a discovering a class or a job that falls into alignment with where you want your future to go. The Seven of Cups is here to assist you by keeping the dream alive and vivid in your head and as a result, you will then feel the motivation to stick with the class or excel at your new found job. In this position fantasizing about the future isn't a bad thing - instead, it is the distraction you need to stay focused on creating a positive situation for your life in the future. 

"Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities." ~ Dr. Suess



OH and before I forget - did you know that I created a little "pick your card of the day" game?? Yep - now you can shuffle, stack, move all 78 cards of the deck online and then when you feel the time is right - pick one and you will be presented with the image and the meaning. 

Check it out here!


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