General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday May 6th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday May 6th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

Progress is happening, the wheels have been put into motion - and although it may seem safer to stay in a cage of our own creation - fear will be replaced by an undying desire to fly.

The crow of the Six of Wands sits in the victory circle. It's hard work and dedication paid off and in the end, the success it found was one that led to a significant change in its life. 

In the past position, the Six of Wands indicates a time of feeling on top - of feeling a level of success and admiration. It may be the time you held a well-coveted position or job - one that had you in the spotlight for awhile. However today - that light of the past has grown dim and that moment in the sun has become a memory. 

Surrounded by eight swords, the blindfolded crow is trapped - however, if she removed the blindfold she would see that the cage that holds her is easily escapable - if she chose to free herself.

The Eight of Swords is at the heart of today's reading and with this card comes a message of denial. The blindfold signifies the inability to face reality - because in doing so you would see that the cage you have created to protect yourself is flimsy at best. The Eight of Swords asks what are you in denial about? 

With the Six of Wands in the past position followed by the Eight of Swords - this may suggest that you are not keeping up with the times in regards to your job - you may have been putting off expanding your knowledge out of fear of not being able to embrace or grasp a new way of doing something. Although the old ways of reaching a goal may have been easy for you and you were a star at it - there is now stagnation and you are no longer a leader. 

The message the Eight of Swords brings is to remove the blindfold and have faith in yourself, being in denial is not serving you - its time to release the processes of the past as well as the fear new - your talent goes beyond your previous achievements. 

 "I think the greatest illusion we have is that denial protects us. It's actually the biggest distortion and lie. In fact, staying asleep is what's killing us." ~Eve Ensler

The Magician crow is a creator and puts ideas into action. Soaring high above the mountains - this energy is one of conquering obstacles and manifesting dreams.

With the Magician in the future position - the energy around this card is most powerful as it denotes an ability to bring to life that which you want to create. The power is in your hands now and all you will need to do is add your personal magic.

Although powerful, the energy here is not necessarily swift and it will take time to manifest your desire - but know that once you cast the spell it will happen. Much like planting carrot seeds - you may not be able to see the growth under the ground - there will be signs of progress - you will see a transformation. Creating big magic takes patience - but in the end, it will be worth it, and once again you will find yourself in the victory circle.

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."~ Albert Einstein 



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