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Crow Tarot Reading

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday November 18th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

The path forward is through knowledge and understanding, if you are repeating the same mistakes or if you feel as though your life is like that movie "Groundhog Day" - you may want to consider if your focus is on growing into the best version of yourself or is your priority -  proving yourself to others. 

The crow returns to the place where it learned to fly free of fear - a place where it felt comfort and support from those within its community. During the visit, the crow easily recalled all the fond memories of the past, the feelings of security, and confidence that helped it grow into the adult it is today.

The Six of Cups comes through this morning because the energy needed to help your current situation find a positive outcome can be conjured up when you call upon the wisdom of your past. If you have been feeling stuck or in a loop where the same events seem to play out over and over with little progress - the foundation for your current situation may be one where you have taken a passive or child-like approach - one of wanted to be guided instead of leading.

If life is advancing as you have planned - you can thank your ability to draw out the wisdom of the past and use it as a valuable asset as you pave your path. 

 In the air, the five crows show off their flying and combat skills, each one trying to outdo the other. In the end - this is nothing more than an ego-fest with no physical wounds however some will fly away feeling put-down or bullied  -feeling the very real sting of internal wounds.

The Five of Wands comes forward this morning to ask that you examine your motives or the motives of someone else in regards to your present situation. Are you working towards being the best you can be for your own sake or are you doing it as a means to rise above others in order to feed your ego? Or, are you the one feeling wounded or put off by someone trying to prove that they are more qualified or a better choice by putting in the extra work - even though their heart isn't in it - yet their ego is?

Watch a group of nine-year-olds interact and you will see the energy of the Five of Wands hard at play. My daughter is dyslexic and has ADHD and because of this reading has been a challenge for her - because of this those who gain power by showing off their reading skills tend to gravitate to her in an attempt to demonstrate how much smarter they are. Thankfully my daughter has always known she doesn't need to get a gold star to feel self-worth - because she is the gold star. 

With the energy of the Five of Wands swirling around this morning, now is the time to go inward and acknowledge your inner bright gold star. This is a reminder to embrace that part of you that goes after ideas and new opportunities for the sake of growing as a means to create a light for others - not to cast a shadow.

The young crows listen intently as the wise older bird shares the knowledge he has gained over the years that helped him survive life in the city. Although this bird offers the young crows only one view - there are lessons that prove to be valuable.

The Hierophant comes through this morning to suggest that although you may have reached a point of expertise there is still plenty of room to learn. 

When you turn your focus away from displaying your skills and move over to developing your best attributes, your strengths, and your best self  - the desire to battle anyone for your position fades nor will you feel the compelled to engage with those who need for you to feel small in order to gain power. 

The Hierophant ask that you approach your current situation from a place curiosity, returning to the mindset of the student who is eager to discover something new for the pure sake of knowledge. You will find that the friction that comes from conflict will dissolve when you become the master of not only your interests but also your inner-self. 

"To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others.” ~Albert Camus




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