General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday November 25th

crow tarot

Good morning! 

A rather fitting spread as we end a holiday weekend here in the US - after spending time enjoying the company (ok maybe that is stretching it for some of you...) of family and friends this weekend - it is now time to get back into that motivated feeling and return to work. 

The three crows gather in a beautiful garden where they have attained everything they could hope to have at that moment. They are surrounded by trusted and comforting friends, there is plenty of food and drink to go around, and the garden wall provides security. This is a time of relaxation and enjoying life. 

The three of Cups serves as a solid foundation for your present life and indicates a good network of friends and/or family that offer love and support. These are the people who make sure that you take a break every now and then to enjoy life. 

Having the Three of Cups in your past denotes that you find strength and support from a core group - people who you trust and it is their input that has helped you get through some tough situations or helped you see a problem through a different perspective.

It may be just knowing that every weekend you will get together and because the time you spend with them is a perfect distraction from your day-to-day stressful work-life - this break re-invigorates you or gives you just enough downtime to recharge your batteries. 

The crow stands alone on top of the cliff, thinking of all it has achieved and all it would like to achieve in the future. Just as the bird was getting comfortable planning his next move, he finds himself forced into action as there are others who have moved forward in going after the same goal.  

The Seven of Wands comes through this morning because although you have a strong desire and the ability to reach a goal you may have lost a bit of your competitive edge - long holiday weekends can do that! The time of taking it easy or celebrating with family and friends is over (at least temporarily) its time to muster up some serious motivation to reach your goal successfully. 

If you have been procrastinating - and getting wrapped up in a "creative" vision you will find that whether or not you are ready the work is going to need to be done as tasks will no longer be pushed down - they will rise up. The best way to take on the challenges that will confront you will be one from a place of ambition - get yourself psyched up to reach the goal - take on each task like a warrior! 

With the Three of Cups setting up the Seven of Wands taking time to be with friends is important to your mental health as these relationships play an significant role in your life as a support group and during the holiday season, there will be many opportunities to escape work or school responsibilities however the warning here is to not lose your momentum. This is a time to find a balance between socializing and getting the job done. This is something that I too need to focus on as I have projects to complete as well making sure my daughter has a magical holiday. Lean on your friends for support and a shoulder to cry on if necessary but don't lose sight of your goal - it is attainable.

The crow is determined to carry the bushel of wands back to its roost. With no challengers or obstacles in its path the only interference the bird encounters is that created by its own mind. Instead of feeling good or motivated by all the progress it has already achieved the bird focuses its attention on the struggle and how the wands seem to gain weight with every flap of its wings and as a result, self-doubt jeopardizes its success. 

Although today you may be pushed into action as a result of other people's demands - the Ten of Wands comes through to bring a warning - don't let self-doubt creep in to be your biggest obstacle. Is the task really that heavy or are you making it heavier than it needs to be?

Back in the mid-nineties, I was one of five bike messengers in Cincinnati. There was a regular pick up at the tippy top of Mount Adams that I dreaded - the street to get there was long and twisting with a significant incline - I struggled with it every time. Despite being fit back then. it took everything out of me - on top of that it was usually a rush job! 

One of the other messengers also went up that hill regularly provided the best advice and I use it still today. My problem wasn't that I couldn't ride up the hill, I had the ability to do so but for some reason, I had it in my mind that it was too hard for me and because of this - I made the hill even longer and steeper. By breaking it up into pieces and feeling the success of each completed leg sink in it would reinforce that I was capable and the hill would lose its power over me. By the end of my time as a messenger I eventually did make it up that hill without stopping - I puked - but I did it.

That lesson is one that I look back on and I'm grateful to have had it because today when I am struggling with a challenge I am able to step back and assess if it is truly difficult or and I making it more difficult than it needs to be - am I acknowledging my strengths to reinforce them?

The Ten of Wands advises that you call upon the person within you the one that has demonstrated the strength to tackle any challenge because when focus your mind on what you have achieved in the past it will allow you to see how much more you can do in the future and obstacles become much more manageable.

Your family and friends are there to be your cheerleaders and to bring some much-needed support during difficult times - lean on them when you are feeling challenged. Finally - you are either your own greatest source of encouragement or your greatest source of doubt when you plant the seed that you are capable of handling just about anything you will discover you are right.   

"Life begins on the other side of despair." ~ Jean-Paul Sartre

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