General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday October 14th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday October 14th

Crow Tarot reading

Good morning! 

Are you getting that itch to start something new - perhaps its time to make a fresh start, the one you have been silently manifesting? The energy coming through this morning is youthful, enthusiastic, and ready to jump in feet first - however, there is a warning as well - be careful what you wish for as there may be strings attached.

The crow sits high on top of a pentacle that is perfectly placed in a garden surrounded by an abundance of nature and beauty. It is from this position that the crow can see over the clouds as it scouts out a new path, one that will lead to a wealth of resources. 

The foundation for your current situation lies in the mindset of the Ace of Pentacles. - as it brings positivity and the ability to see a brighter future despite obstacles. The Ace of Pentacles uses optimism to create a spark - it is what keeps us hopeful during trying times and because you allowed this energy in - you were able to clearly see new ideas or opportunities. 

Whereas some people may have fallen into a trap of despair or allowed feelings of bitter or jealousy to take hold during a rough patch, not you - no instead it was your ability to keep striving with a knowing that in the end, all will turn out as it should be - you were able to keep you eye on the goal while at the same time remaining patient and because of this you manifested a clearing - an opening for an opportunity. 

Whereas some birds might have shaken their heads in disbelief if they saw a wand flying through the air - the young free-spirited crow saw it as an adventure, an opportunity to experience something different - instead of letting fear of the unknown dictate its moves and with the sun high in the sky the bird hopped on and let the wand lead the way. 

At the heart of today's reading is the Page of Wands bringing the message that when you allow yourself to let go, be free, try something different you will experience a shift, one that will have you moving your life in a new direction.

The energy produced by the Page of Wands is vibrant and enthusiastic - it's almost palpable and when you take hold of it what happens is that you effortlessly send out to the Universe the desire for a new adventure AND because the Ace of Pentacles is at the foundation you have a clear vision already in your mind for how that new adventure should look giving you control over the outcome.  The wand that will come in as a creative thought will not be just floating around willy-nilly - it will be moving in the direction you want to go.

The Page of Wands may enter as a new career opportunity, one that will put you in a position that is in a new field - one you have dreamed about obtaining. It may enter as a chance meeting with your ideal mate, someone who has you feeling as though you are floating in the air.

However, this fast-moving creative energy manifests - it will feel like a dream come true.

The crow has two fish, one it keeps for itself - the other it uses as a bargaining chip knowing that the crows on the beach are hungry and desperate for food. On the surface the crow appears generous, it shares its resources but in reality, it is no philanthropist it is merely buying something of great value for something less significant.  

With the Six of Pentacles sitting next to the Page of Wands, the message here is to be careful of those who act as though they are doing you a huge favor because, in the end, they are looking out for themselves and their best interest. Although you may encounter someone who will genuinely want to assist you in reaching a goal - with the Six of Pentacles the warning is to make sure that what you need to give back, in the end, isn't something that you may later regret.  

Years ago I had an opportunity to sell my jewelry (I made bracelets) on a very large online platform that had a massive customer base and although on the surface it seemed like an incredible offer - and for days I was on cloud nine thinking about all the opportunities - however after the giddiness wore off and I got serious and really looked into what was involved - I quickly realized that I wouldn't have made enough profit to justify the time and material cost - not to mention the headaches that I knew would come from a task I wasn't mentally or physically ready for. I knew if I took this opportunity - any feelings of joy would have quickly been replaced by resentment. 

Before taking on anything big - I ask myself is this going to get me out of my comfort-zone or is it going to cause me to feel resentment. Those are two very different things as one gets you motivated to push through and find solutions - the other leaves you feeling bitter and unmotived. 

Let your creativity lead the way as new opportunities unfold, the wand is in constant motion - its okay to let it fly by an opportunity if it doesn't serve you. 

"None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm." ~ Henry David Thoreau



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