General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday October 21st

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday October 21st

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

I have to say I cringed a bit when the Tower came through right after the Three of Cups! Ugh a shake-up is coming - the party is over! I hesitated a bit - going over in my head all the possibilities before pulling the next card - but then I let my hand guide me and remained open to the message that needed to come through. I am not going to lie a very real sigh of relief washed over as I placed the Four of Wands down! 

A shake-up is coming, it is front and center - but sometimes we need that cosmic kick in the ass to get us out of our comfort zone and into a better place.

The crows gathered in the garden to celebrate - this wasn't any special occasion it was part of their regular routine to enjoy good company.

The Three of Cups marks a period of your life that was enjoyable and emotionally fulfilling. Perhaps you were lucky enough to have a Rockwellian childhood on where you felt supported by your family or community - there was an ease to life as you were all in it together, supporting one another. The Three of Cups may point to a more recent period of getting into the groove of relaxing with friends on a regular basis - as you found a tribe of people you clicked with and together you created a supportive space. 

The feelings associated with the Three of Cups is that of being connected to those around you in a way that evokes comradery - there is a closeness and trust among the group that enables you to feel comfortable being yourself and in that place, you are more open to creating. 

On cold winter evenings, the old abandoned clock tower made the perfect place for the crows to roost and each day at dusk the crows all over the city would begin their long flight home for the night. For generations, the tower was a place of refuge - until it wasn't. The air around the tower began to feel electric and without warning, a storm rolled in - kicking up the wind and sending bolts of lighting across the sky. The tower was hit and as the steeple crashed to the ground the birds quickly realized the life they had grown accustomed to has changed. 

The Tower brings a volatile energy that can spark a significant change. 

It is what we create out of adversity that impacts our lives. Great artists such as Frida Kahlo used adversity to create her beautiful and inspiring art (I like to think she is one of my spirit guides) - from music to films each creator has a story of how a traumatic event inspired them to push forward to build something better than what they lost - and for some to find meaning for their suffering. 

With the Three of Cups and the Four of Wands hugging the Tower something creative - something worth celebrating is going to be the result of this time of upheaval. 

Seek out those (the Three of Cups) who are empathetic - the last thing you need during a time of adversity is a shame spiral. These are the people who support your creative mind in its entirety (not just the part they understand.) When you direct your focus on building something that not only brings a positive change you will find it also heals wounds -  as you create and move out of a place of pain new opportunities and joy will enter. 

Jim Carrey's story is a great example of this as well. If you haven't watched his commencement address - I highly recommend it!

The crows gather in a beautiful abundant garden where they come together for a celebration - one that marks a milestone as a new life is emerging that brings new opportunities.

After I pulled the Tower my mind raced through all the cards that could come through - if it was the Devil - recovering from the Tower would meet an obstacle of attachment or falling into a pit of bad habits that would prevent rebuilding. If was the Nine of Swords - a period of anxiety would overwhelm and hinder progress. But the card that came through does not denote turmoil or stagnation as a result of the energy of the Tower - on the contrary with friction comes fire and that my friend is the necessary element for sparking a change - for the better. 

"Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?"~ Frida Kahlo







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