General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday October 7th

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Good morning!

The energy the cards bring forward this morning is moving forward with confidence, taking the lead and being in control of your future - of course when doing so you may unlock an opportunity that will be far more demanding than expected. 

The young bird sits on a branch where it focused its intention on creating a future of its dreams.

The Page of Pentacles is serving as the foundation for where you are today. You have moved on from a place of immaturity or just "dreaming" about the future and have moved on to create it.

In the past position, the youthful energy of the Page points to your ability to react in a more thoughtful manner or take adversity from a more tempered place - you have moved on from taking a "childish" stance or snapping to a judgment out of fear or self-preservation. 

The strong authoritative crow sits on his throne where he can see far above the clouds giving him a clear view of the land. His personal integrity, an ability to see situations from a balanced perspective, and a drive that creates action has earned him the role of leader and is often sought out as a consultant or authoritative voice.

The lessons of the past have led you to the Emperor. 

The Emperor is coming forward this morning bringing with him a very powerful energy - when utilized it will help you create a clear action plan for success and instills in you the confidence to put your plan in motion. The message the Emperor brings this morning is when you take action or follow the advice of someone who serves as a mentor or consultant to execute your plan you will create a place of stability in your life - especially around financial matters as the Emperor is sandwiched between pentacles.  

The crow diligently works on yet another pentacle - mastering its technique so that it can replicate each one perfectly. Although it may seem like a daunting task - this crow works tirelessly as it has a fire within driving its desire to succeed. 

Having the Eight of Pentacles sitting next to the Emperor the plan you put into action today will lead to an opportunity that will be bigger in regards to work and commitment than you anticipated. Depending on how you approach the situation it may be a big break that will propel you forward or you may feel as though you bit more off than you could chew resulting in burn-out.

The Eight of Pentacles may manifest itself in landing your dream job and realizing quickly that the workload is far more demanding than imagined - if you succeed it will lead to greater opportunities that will change your quality of life. 

The Eight of Pentacles may bring an opportunity to get your artwork in at a holiday show/ art fair last minute - sending you to the studio working day and night to produce work to sell. If you put the effort in - it will pay off and your show will be a success. 

The way to manage the stress of the Eight of Pentacles? Hang on to that Emperor energy as it will help you execute a plan with precision and drive. Long gone are the days of approaching obstacles from a place of immaturity - you are ready to take the lead with confidence - the Eight of Pentacles may challenge you but if you succeed it will significantly change your situation for the better. 

"If life gives you lemons, don't settle for simply making lemonade - make a glorious scene at a lemonade stand." ~ Elizabeth Gilbert



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