General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday Sept 2nd

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Sunday Sept 2nd

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

Your strength and courage brought you to a place where new opportunities present choices however the fear of the unknown and anxiety may end up being the big decision makers.

The crow demands the lion's attention, not out of being a brute or being aggressive - it is its confidence in the face of danger, its ability to take a chance and stand tall that has awarded the crow the respect from the lion. 

In the past position, the Strength card represents your inner control and confidence during times that test your nerves. It the ability to call out your emotions before reacting to a situation that has enabled you to maneuver through some difficult periods. You are able to break down obstacles by taking on each aspect of it head-on - one piece at a time and because of this, there is a grace to your fearlessness. 

It is this inner strength that will prove to be a needed resource - your current situation is one that will not only benefit from the command of your emotions it is because of this valuable skill that you are at this point in the first place. 

The crow stands on the dock, across the water is a new land - one that promises to offer a better life if for no other reason than it is new and unchartered. The star illuminates a path across the choppy sea indicating the journey may be difficult, it is not impossible as the crow has a clear vision of the destination. 

At the heart of today's reading is an opportunity to move away from your comfort zone and try something new - something that is going to require a good deal of commitment but with follow-through, you will find that there will be a successful end to the journey. If you decide to take on this new adventure going in with an understanding that it will take time and that this is not something that will offer instant gratification will serve you as patience will be key. 

With the Strength card creating your foundation - you will have the tenacity and grace to get through the storm - however with the Nine of Swords present you will be required to use this strength to shut down the inner-dialogue created by fear.

The crow wakes up from yet another bad dream. This bird is stressed out about life and catastrophizes every situation or interaction by playing the "what if" game - the negative edition. 

With the Nine of Swords working against you - you will need to confront the source of the anxiety around your current situation. If things aren't progressing fast enough are you falling into the mindset trap that it will never happen or that something must be wrong because this project is taking too long to complete? Are there areas where you doubt your skills or have you let the words of someone's fear infiltrate your head? I have found that it is best to not discuss any life goals or projects I am working on with people who jump to fear easily. This doesn't mean they are bad people who want to see you fail - on the contrary they tend to be wonderful people who want nothing but the best for you - however because of their own fear of the unknown they want you to live "safely" too. 

With the Strength card on the other side of the Nine of Swords and this new path in the middle - you are going feel a good deal of conflict as one part of you is ready to take on the challenge and the other part of you is scared out of your mind that you somehow get hurt or lose something in the process. The question is which one wins - Strength or Anxiety?

"Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength." ~Charles Spurgeon 




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This so resonates with what i am going thru. Spirit has been coming in stronger and harder than usual and i was having anxiety about how to handle what’s coming. Thank you for some much needed insight.


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