General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday August 16th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday August 16th

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Good morning! 

 Are you feeling pulled or drawn to something or someone new and intriguing? With so much water energy entering the picture this is an excellent time to go with the flow to see where it leads.

The crow calls out to those who are ready to leave the past behind to rise up, own their history - tell their story. By releasing the attachments and cutting the cords to the past that hold them back they are no longer tethered to the weight that limits their movement - they are free to explore the world and all the possibilities within it. 

Setting up your current situation is Judgement representing a period when you made a commitment to a philosophy or new way of approaching a situation. You released yourself emotionally - completely detaching and the result was a new or different phase of your life. This was not a fling or flight of fancy - this was a significant shift and one that was irreversible. 

An example of this would be after years of dating and enjoying a single life in your late thirties you commit to the idea of having a child and completely give up the life of late-night parties in order to raise a child. 

The crow hovers above as the horse walks along the water at the beach. The two creatures feed off each other's energy and the intuition between them flows effortlessly. When together they bring a creative spark and an invigorating electricity fills the air. These charming messengers bring news of a new passion and the drive to develop creative ideas into tangible treasures. For this pair, the world is a playground to be explored and enjoyed.

In cutting the cords to the parts of your life that were not supplying you with the resources needed or weighing you down from achieving alignment with your purpose you were able to create the space needed for the Knight of Cups to enter - and with Judgement setting up the Knight there is a permanence to this energy.

This marks a significant change in your life - one where you can look back and see a definitive difference in how you lived then versus now - how your mindset and values have changed as a result of this release.

If you have been feeling drawn or pulled to a new direction - one that energizes you - this would be the Knight of Cups energy as this creative charmer is trying to get your attention as it is a messenger for a new interest - one that will leave you feeling as though you met your knight in shining armor. 

The energy supports the development of something new and exciting - whether it be a relationship or a career, a project, building something - and doing it with complete unbridled passion as this new part of your life that is entering with the Knight of Cups will feed your soul.  

If you have been feeling stuck or if you haven't felt attracted to any new situation - you may need to let go of any past beliefs or attachments that are holding you back. The Knight of Cups is a big personality and because of this, it will need space to enter.

An example may be - deep down you would love a new relationship however if you are operating with the mindset that you are unworthy of love - the Judgement card advises releasing this belief as the Knight of Cups brings the message that there is someone waiting for this space to clear in order to enter. 

The wise old crow sits on his throne by the water. He is an intuitive creature - a zen master and the creator of calm. All those who encounter this bird feel a presence of peace wash over them and any turmoil they once felt is replaced with a loving supportive energy. 

The message from the King of Cups is to go with the flow and let the Knight guide you. The energy that comes in as a result of following your gut - letting your creativity and desire for happiness lead the way is that of peace of mind - you will feel at home and where you are supposed to be. Although not every day will be perfect there is comfort in knowing that you are on the right track.

If you have been looking for a signal of reassurance the King of Cups is offering this support because when you are doing what you love - when there is passion in what you do and you put in the effort - the universe will conspire to help you succeed. 

The King of Cups transforms choppy and dangerous waters into smooth seas with gentle waves - and this energy is a slow long-term vibe. If you crave drama and feed off uncertainty the King may be a bit dull for you - however, if you enjoy having things run smoothly and indulge in the creative bursts that come with the Knight of Cups - well then you are in luck. 

"But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?" ~Albert Camus



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Absolutely connected with this reading completely! Thank you very much! Question I was not able to order at the beginning, are there going to be other printings of this deck?


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