General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday August 23rd

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday August 23rd

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Good morning! 

There is an energy of confidence brewing as you begin to feel comfortable and in control of your situation. Because you took the time to not only learn your area of expertise but also to find harmony within your peer circle you were able to gain a position of leadership and with a clear logical-mind, you will be viewed as a source of wisdom.  

The crow decided it needed a break from the day to day rigmarole of city life as it did nothing to fill its soul and had become tiresome.  It was during this break in the country that the Crow received a spark of inspiration - an idea for what would bring joy and a feeling of purpose to its life and as if guided by something greater - the crow instantly knew all the steps it needed to take in order to achieve this new found passion. 

The Hermit sitting in the past position indicates that you stepped away from your day-to-day routine to do something different or to get away where you had some time to your self to evaluate your life and the direction it was going. During this time you received guidance in the way of an idea - one that may have moved you in a new direction or helped you find the solution to help with a current one. As a result of this experience, you may have isolated yourself from those who distracted you or held back your progress. This would have been a period in your life when you hunkered down and put yourself completely into an idea. 

An example may be during a hike that you discovered your desire to become a naturopath and because of this when you returned home when went all in and devoted your time and energy to this new career choice.  

The crow stands on the lion's snot not to be aggressive or brutish - this bird isn't cocky or foolish. The crow has a unique relationship with the lion and it is from a place of mutual respect that the lion allows the crow to take the position. 

At the heart of today's reading is the Strength card (one I haven't seen come up in this position in a long time if at all this year...) and rather fitting since we just left the sign of Leo.

You have achieved a level of confidence in your life as a result of taking the time to learn and develop your skills. It is from this place knowing and acceptance that you are able to let your ego take a break - you have earned the respect of those around you and because of this, there is no need to try and make yourself look bigger. It is because of your charm and your inner-strength that you find the support of others and as a result, your role within your peer group strengthens.

This is a time to allow your natural leadership skills to guide you.

The sharp-minded and logical King sits on his throne as he surveys his domain. This regal bird offers the final word in any dispute as he is seen as a source of valuable insight and unbiased decision making. 

Supporting the Strength card is the King of Swords - bringing to the equation a strong analytical mind, one that is able to see situations less emotionally and more rationally and as a result of the Strength / King of Swords combo you will rise into the role of a leader who is not only respected but also a source for those who seek wisdom. 

As a result of taking the time to develop your skills or craft and having the confidence and inner-strength to get out there into the world - your pure heart, desire to grow and personal integrity allowed you to take on a leadership role within your field or peer group. You are not only a valued member of this group but with your dedication and ability to be fair and clear-minded you will become a source of expertise for others who wish to learn. You may also be the one who offers the final decision as you have earned the respect and admiration of those around you for not only being knowledgeable but also unbiased and logical.

"With confidence, you have won before you have started." ~ Marcus Garvey








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