General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday August 30th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday August 30th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

A steady flow of energy is coming in and with it, there is a sense of balance - almost to the point of being boring. If you are looking for excitement - it may be a little while. Although I do have exciting news in that the Crow Tarot will be here next week and they will begin shipping out at that time! 

The Crow is perched on its throne where it can see the entire landscape. Its vision is clear and with his sharp intellect this bird has become a leader as he both feared and respected. 

The Emperor sitting in the past position indicates that your current situation was influenced by a strong masculine presence. This may refer to a strict father who kept you focused on your school work or a mentor who helped you reach your educational or career goals. You may have seen this person as a valuable resource to gain knowledge from however if the two of you clashed and there was friction between you - it may have been your ability to stand up to this person or rebel that gave you the confidence to move forward into a positive place today.  If you have a strong independent spirit today it may be thanks to the Emperor who drew that out of you during your youth. 

The crow sits in the victory wreath where it has found success and admiration. It took time and effort to get to this spot and as a result of this success - the bird has created a strong foundation for future projects.

The Six of Wands has been paying a visit quite a bit lately and perhaps as summer is wrapping up - so are some big projects? Maybe the home renovation is wrapping up drawing the attention and admiration of the neighbors? Or perhaps a summer program is ending on a very successful note as you prepare for the upcoming school year. With the Six of Wands at the center - there is a victory coming! 

If there is one warning that the Six of Wands brings that is it is ok to be excited about your accomplishments but be careful not to stray over to the side of arrogance. If you can taste success - yet it seems to be eluding you, you may want to take an inventory of your interactions with others as this can have an impact on the energy surrounding your situation. And with the King of Cups sitting off to the side there - you will get that feeling in your gut when interactions are less harmonious. 

The crow sits on his throne at the beach. The waves come in and go out with a soothing rhythm that helps the bird get into a hypnotic state. This bird has attained his position as King as a result of his ability to create peace during times of conflict - he brings a calm to the land and eases any worries or fears.

The King of Cups brings a mellowing energy to your situation and you are able to proceed along your path with a feeling of being at peace. You are at the right place at the right time and that creates a sense of harmony in your day-to-day life. If you thrive on volatile energies or crave drama - well the King may leave you feeling restless or unsettled as everything is moving along swimmingly. If you are a fan of stability and rolling from one success to another with relative ease - the King should be a welcomed sight. 

"There is no past, no future; everything flows in an eternal present." ~ James Joyce







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