General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday August 9th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday August 9th

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Good morning! 

Some much-needed information will become illuminated in the upcoming days - and because of this, you will gain a better understanding of your situation, how it is you got here - and which steps will prove to be most beneficial.

The crows hold the world in perfect balance and with it all of its possibilities - however, to create change, a decision needs to be made and one of the birds must give in to the other and get uncomfortable.

The Two of Wands in the past position indicates that your current situation is the result of making a bold decision. This was not something that came to you lightly - rather it required a significant shift in your life. During this time you took a chance, got out of your comfort zone and went after a goal with complete conviction. Maybe you went into your boss's office with an extensive list of reasons why you deserve a raise and a promotion and because of this action, she agreed. Perhaps to your family's dismay, you quit college or university so that you could join a traveling theater group - whatever the case may be - where you were prior to this event and where you are today as a result of it - are two very different places. 

The crow bathes in the bright light of the Star. Here the bird has a clear vision of its life choices and their consequences. It is from this place of understanding how all the pieces have come together over the years that the crow is able to extend to itself some much needed compassion and from this - courage grows. 

At the heart of today's reading is the powerful Star energy - this will shine a light on an aspect of your life that needs your attention. There is something that isn't working - but unlike the previous card in the deck - the Tower - the Star offers a fix one that will result in a favorable end to your long-term goal.

You may be feeling in the dark, unclear - or you may be completely unaware that something is happening in the background that will impact your progress - with the Star the situation or issue is revealed and within this light you will actually feel better for knowing this information. The Star doesn't just show you what is going wrong or where an obstacle is forming - because it is such a positive and strong energy it also offers actionable advice that will help you transform the situation into a strength - something that can be used as a foundation for success. 

With the Star present - any negative emotions that may have held you back are removed and although you may be facing an obstacle or challenge it won't be met with fear but rather with confidence. Whereas in the past you may have fell into a pit of worry - not this time - no you will feel invigorated by the challenge because in your gut you will feel that it is a much needed piece to the puzzle - your goal. 

The crow stands on the river bank - across the water is a new land, one that offers a new experience - the only problem is that the bird has accumulated many treasures and traveling to the new land would require letting go of what it has achieved. 

The Eight of Cups comes in with the warning that you are being tempted to leave what you have worked hard to obtain for a chance at something new. With the Star radiating its energy across the cards you will be able to see your situation from a balanced perspective as your heart and mind work together to reach an amicable solution. 

You worked hard and took risks to get to your current position as indicated by the Two of Wands - it wasn't something you took lightly or "fell" into - it was your strength and courage that brought you here. The Star energy is supportive and positive - it brings an affirmative yes to your goals - however the Eight of Cups is asking that you take some time to carefully evaluate what it is that you want in life because if you decide to leave - you may be leaving what you worked so hard to achieve behind. The Star is here to help you sort out the best possible outcome - and through your intuition guide you in making the best decisions that will in the end support your goals - whether it be your current one or something new. 

"There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction." ~ John F. Kennedy



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Thank you!!

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