General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday December 14th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday December 14th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning!

For a second time this week we are honored with a regal visit from the Queen of Swords - in the exact same position. If you have been holding back on breaking free and paving your own way - it is time to let fear step aside and make your move. This is a time to not let other's opinions weigh heavier than your own - you are the one in charge and possess the strength to forge your own path forward without being pulled back or down by naysayers. You do you and everything will fall into place. 

Hearing the cawing the crows rise up from their graves. They reunite with each of their lives bringing together all their strengths and weaknesses that create the whole - no longer disjointed all of their lives are now accepted as one. It is in this place of completeness that they are able to move forward, accepting themselves and wholeheartedly owning their story.

Judgment comes forward this morning because at some point in your past you went through a transformation - one that had you examining your life and taking ownership for the good times and the bad. This acceptance of yourself as a complete being created an appreciation for life (especially yours - and your history) and because of this, you became less critical of yourself as well as less judgmental of others.

You are now able to see hurdles as less daunting and goals as attainable because your mind is more open to seeing all the resources available to you and are comfortable enough with your weaknesses to not let your ego get in the way.

This transformation removed the veneer of negative energy caused by self-doubt and fear restoring you to the perfect whole being you were when you incarnated into this life.

This is a great time (especially with the chaos of the holidays) to get some alone time - to do something that gets your creative mind working. If you can get away to a quiet park with a sketchbook (even if you are not an "artist" - exercising your creative mind does wonders at times to help restore clarity.

The crow stands on the lion's snout and with one foot closing the lion's eye. The crow is not being brutish or trying to provoke the wild creature into a rage - it is a playful act as the crow and lion both feel at ease. Although the lion could easily flip the bird into its mouth or at least cause some damage - the crow has won over the beast and together they spend the day enjoying the rich landscape and all the possibilities the day has to offer.

With Strength following Judgment, this indicates that you are moving comfortably in your role in life. The work you have done in the past has led you to a state of complete control over your emotions, your actions and your ability to harness any wild tendencies that may throw off progress.

This is a time when you are capable of recognizing the difference between what your higher-self is guiding you to do and what your ego desires and because of this you have the ability to practice restraint when it comes to making decisions that may not, in the end, prove to be the best for a long-term outcome.

The strong regal bird grew tired of the constant chatter and less-than-stellar conditions at the common roost and went out in search for her own place to rest. Spotting a throne, she carefully curated her favorite things from across the landscape to make it her own - to distinguish it - tastefully of course from any other thrones out there.

The Queen of Swords comes back again this morning as a reminder that when you take a stand and assert your independence you will find that you will strengthen your position as being fully in control over your life and in addition open the doorway for more positive opportunities to enter.

Your own authoritative voice is what needs to matter most right now in regards to what you wish to accomplish. When you embrace your independence and break free from the need to be dependent on the approval or assistance of others - you will discover that you are strong and wise enough to stand on your own two feet.



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