General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday December 5th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday December 5th

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Good morning! 

With the weekend approaching and the holiday season, it is time to connect with those who feed our spirit and help us escape from the at times rigamarole of life. When we take the time to recharge - even if it is just a happy hour with friends on a Friday night it enables us to release energy so that we are able to take on new tasks. 


The crow stood on the cliff as challengers came up one by one hoping to knock the bird from its position - but each one failed as the crow dug in its feet into hard soil and held on with dear life. 

The Seven of Wands denotes that you stood firm in the past when others challenged your position, you had a knowing for what was right for you personally and although confronted by some who offered compelling arguments against your position you knew in your heart that your belief would offer the best solution for you at the time. 

This may have been a decision to take on a different major in school that your family disagreed with - or marrying someone who your family didn't approve of. 

It was this ability to stand firm - to hold your ideas with confidence that serves as your foundation today. You had an inner knowing that fueled you and because of the power of this conviction, you held your position without fear despite perhaps going against the grain or going against the wishes of someone who you value greatly. 

The three crows gather in a garden to take a break from their regular routine to celebrate. There is plenty of food and drink to be had and the energy the birds bring creates a feeling of victory fills the air. 

At the center of today's reading is the Three of Cups bringing the reminder that we all need to take a break every now and then to simply enjoy life and the company of good friends. 

When you make the time to connect with your core group of friends - the ones that have seen you on good days and bad - you will effortlessly discharge frantic or stressed out energy that comes from this busy season. When you make time to relax - although it may seem frivolous or unproductive - in reality, you are making space in your mind for new ideas and solutions as your creativity will have the room to blossom.  

This is a crazy stressful time for most of us - between traveling and scheduling family visits, dealing with family, etc. The Three of Cups brings the all-important message to make time for fun - it will be necessary so that you will have the energy to focus when the time comes. 

The crow using its ability to feel where the coins are in the loop keeping them in perfect balance and in constant motion.

The Two of Pentacles comes forward this morning as a reminder to follow your gut - listen to your body and honor your intuition because doing so has proved to be a valuable asset in the past.

You will discover when you are able to create a harmony between work and downtime momentum will build - and you will actually be able to add more tasks to the fold.



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I certainly have to get this deck and I have a great old Scorpio friend of a lifetime ago (this one and a couple of other lifetimes I usually don’t mention in polite conversation) He would be just as much tickled to see the lovely work that went into this. I am going to be making a reservation at week’s end.❤


These readings have been so spot on lately it’s scary. Thank you for helping me reaffirm my own intuition.



Mark Johnson

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