General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday July 12th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday July 12th

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Good morning!

If life seems to have lost that harmonious balance due to feeling attached to something or someone lately - and this very charming influence has you very willingly doing things that go against your best interest it may because you have become prey for your inner Devil.

The calm and patient crow, with a steady beak, pours the water from one cup to another. Although on the outside this bird is the picture of grace, on the inside it is running through the list of things that it needs to accomplish in a day. Despite the workload and all the responsibilities, it is able to take on each task devoting the perfect amount of time to ensure that each is completed. 

The energy that is serving as a foundation for today's reading is Temperance and with it, there is a natural ability within you to create a calm space for yourself despite any chaos going on. In the past (and maybe in the present as well,) you approached life from a place of patience and grace and although you had much on your to-do list you ensured that the perfect amount of time was allotted to each task - making sure that it was completed. You were juggling so many things at one time you may have had friends comment on how you can get so much done and yet never seem frazzled - this was a time of grace under pressure for sure! 

The charismatic crow lures each of its victims by playing on their desires and fears. This cunning creature knows exactly what buttons to push - and will have its victims feeling top of the world and then without warning it cuts them down so that they feel broken and weak - waiting for the moment when they can be on top again. 

At the center of today's reading is the Devil and with this strong seductive energy there is something that has pulled you out of balance - and it did so with a wink and a promise that your life would be easier. However, that was not the case and like a carrot, on a stick, you are chasing a feeling or desire constructed by the Devil - one you will never truly catch and although you know that deep down - you can't seem to break free from trying - it's just so lovely! 

The Devil's influence in the present moment is causing you some friction these days because it is adding disruption to what was a harmonious situation. Summer makes for a great playground for the Devil as the warm days can lure us away from our work or responsibilities - playing on our desire for fun and instant gratification. Although we all have called in "sick" at some point or another to go play at the beach or spend the day in the summer sun - and for most of us we can return right back the next day grateful for the short respite. The Devil, however, finds the victims that can't seem to enjoy the moment in the sun for what it is - a moment and instead allows what should have been a temporary desire to take over their life. 

Addiction can take on many forms and although some are more taboo and others in our society - when they interfere with our lives or disconnect us from the thing or people we love that is a sign of imprisonment - however you still hold the key to freedom whether or not you choose to use it is up to you. 

What bad habits have you fallen into that may be distracting you from living your purpose? Are you able to find harmony between the job that needs to be done and the fun distraction?

The crow sits in a well-cared for and secure roost. This bird worked hard to ensure her family has a comfortable and safe place to rest at night and although it required dedication and investing a good amount of time and energy - it was worth the effort. 

The Seven of Pentacles brings the message to you today that if you work hard - you will find that it will pay off and you will be rewarded. Success is yours for the taking - however, you need to be able to believe that you are worthy of achieving it. And... this is why it is important to free yourself from the manipulative Devil as his is a low vibrational energy one that he uses to keep his victims down. 

With Temperance running through this reading despite the challenges going on today there is an underlying energy that supports harmony and positive growth. The Devil is like a damn, blocking that energy - once it is removed you will feel the positive energy flow and the work that will be required to reach your place of comfort and security will feel less burdened and will be worth the effort. 

"Addiction isn't about substance - you aren't addicted to the substance, you are addicted to the alteration of mood that the substance brings." ~ Susan Cheever





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