General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday July 26th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday July 26th

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Good morning/afternoon!

Keeping on the positive energy streak this week (hmm we are building up to a Full Moon and lunar eclipse on Friday - astrologers?) That leap of faith you made in the past is manifesting and with it, you will get a brilliant idea one that will take you enthusiastically running in a new direction.

The crow paid no attention to the howling wind and letting fate take the lead, it hopped onto a log floating down a river. From this position the crow absorbed all the experiences that unfolded during the trip, allowing each one to enter and leave without push or pull - with complete faith that in the end, the destination will prove to be beneficial. 

If you were to trace back your current situation to its origin - you would find it began during a time when the Fool energy prompted you to take a leap of faith and you did something a bit out of character because you were curious to see where it would lead. Maybe you kicked your strictly regimented schedule and took off to backpack across Europe with just a plane ticket and no itinerary. Maybe it was the opposite - perhaps despite having a pretty relaxed life, you enrolled in a class that put high demands on your time and mental resources. Either way - you entered this experience without expectation and to just see where it would go - the journey was just as interesting to you as the result. 

Because of this choice - because you chose to follow your gut and not let fear stand in the way, your life has been forever changed. 

The crow is perched high on top of a pentacle surrounded by blooming flowers that signify new beginnings and growth. The crow can see beyond the clouds where a distant mountain suggests a land of new opportunities. This is a bird of action and although it may be taking a moment to rest its wings, its mind is working - formulating a plan for the next step forward, one that will take the crow to a new and higher position.

At the heart of today's reading is the supportive energy of the Ace of Pentacles as it brings with it the ability to manifest new opportunities that can lead to financial windfalls.  This may mean adding something new to your current situation to liven things up a bit. If you own or manage a restaurant - perhaps adding something new or special to the menu or introducing live music. If your job has been feeling a bit flat these days - perhaps a hobby at night that can generate some extra income would be the thing you need to feel energized. During this time, if you can get a clear vision of what this new addition will look and feel like - the energy that is supporting you at this time will help you find financial success when it is executed. If ideas seemed closed off in the past - in the present moment the doors are opening. 

The young and enthusiastic crow flies at a breakneck speed to keep up with the charging horse that represents a new idea or vision. The sun is high in the sky and there is plenty of time in the day, however with an idea this big - there is no time to waste. 

You will know your manifesting skills are on target because coming at you like a charging horse is the Knight of Wands and with it a new idea, one that will have you feeling invigorated, powerful and at the same time, a bit scared as soon as you climb on board this opportunity as it is going to require some quick decision-making skills. 

The Knight may enter your life as a person who will help you with the idea you created with the support of the Ace of Pentacles. This person will instantly see the potential and because of this, you will feel the fire in your gut as they help you drive the idea from concept to execution. The Knight of Wands has an energy that is contagious and you will feel swept up in the creative flow! 

If there is only one warning it is this - when an idea is moving so quickly and there is a good amount of force behind, much like riding a horse - you will need to be the one in control of the reigns and the direction. 

"Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you're passionate about something, then you're more willing to take risks." ~ Yo-Yo Ma




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