General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday July 5th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday July 5th

General Three Card Reading

Good morning! 

There is an energy building of coming into our own - of acceptance and finding harmony in a chaotic world. 

The crow placed each pentacle perfectly in the nest - to ensure that her family had a secure and well-admired home to roost. It was a tedious task, one that required much time away from the nest and patience however she measured her self-worth by the ability to surround her family with material possessions - and she was successful.

The lingering energy that is running through you is one that places a high value on material possessions - having "things" brings comfort. Perhaps this idea was planted as a child by a parent who pointed out all the expensive toys provided to you out of "love." Although material possessions can certainly make life easier more comfortable (I will drive 30 minutes for a latte!) for those who measure success by it  - there is the risk of becoming a slave to possessions as self-worth is judged through a distorted lens of materialism.  The Seven of Pentacles in the past position is bringing into awareness that there is a risk of judging others by what they possess. Although it may not be intentional - and you may not be aware you are doing it at the moment - take some time to ask yourself are you putting more value on what a person possesses rather than their actions. 

The crow needed a break from the noise and chaotic pace of the city. Alone, it traveled into the woods where it found a tree to roost in during a snowstorm. Although not nearly as nice as its normal roost in the city, the bird makes due and settles in for the night. One night turned into two and then into three as the crow no longer saw the faults of the tree but instead the beauty of it and its surroundings. 

At the heart of today's reading is the Hermit. This card brings a supportive energy of self-discovery as you question past belief systems that may have been preventing you from feeling connected to others. If you are ready to make a shift in your life, this is a good time to get away for a little quiet contemplation. What is working in your life right now? What would you like to change?

The Hermit energy is accepting and wise - let it assist you in letting go of any anxiety or fear that may be the result of the materialistic Seven of Pentacles in relationship to your self-worth.

On the outside the Crow is the picture of calm - she is graceful, seemingly self-assured, and at peace with her surroundings. On the inside - there is a flutter of energy as she is seeking a balance between her old ways of doing things and the new and improved process - one that will help her achieve a long-term goal. 

Temperance arrives as a supportive energy, creating a time of harmony and acceptance. The transition between old and new will seem effortless as you move into a place of freedom - one that will enable you to seek out a life purpose free from fear of internal judgment or worry. With Temperance supporting the Hermit - this is a significant time of self-discovery and any past beliefs that may have been holding you back will loosen their grip as you move forward with confidence and grace. 

“If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace.” ~John Lennon






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