General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday June 21st

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crow tarot reading

Good morning and happy Solstice! 

Sometimes we need to get away from everything - the noise that comes from everyday life and in the process, we sometimes discover that what we want most of all is the thing we left. 

Life in the city can be challenging at times for the crow. It's loud, in the summer it can be unbearably hot, there is the constant battle for food, especially with the ever-hovering seagulls - it's hard for the bird to gather its thoughts some days and because of this, it flew off into the woods miles away for some quiet contemplation.

The Hermit in the past denotes a time when you stepped away from your path consciously. By backing away and giving space - you were able to see your situation from a different perspective as well as test the elasticity of your desire.

The crows of the Two of Cups come together effortlessly as if drawn by a magnetic force. Their energy creates not only a powerful bond but one that is rooted in the soul. 

At the heart of today's reading is a coming together and reuniting with a passion - whether it be a career choice or a person. At some point, there was a separation and because of this time apart - the bond between you grew stronger. Perhaps after making a career shift, you longed to go back to your past position or field. Maybe after moving away, you decided that no place would feel like home without the relationship you left. 

There is a magnetic energy in the air and because of the strong longing feeling that you are putting out to the Universe, attracting an opportunity that will reconnect you with your love will be supported as any friction or obstacles are removed.  

The crow sits in a garden on a blossoming branch - here it creates in its mind's eye a clear vision of a pentacle. By holding this vision and feeling each detail, the texture, the weight - how it feels warm in the light of the sun, the Page creates the energy needed to attract its desire.

The Page of Pentacles brings the message that your reunion has the potential to lead to a new beginning, one that will also result in a financial success. 

Perhaps your reunion will lead to moving in together and the house you sell as a result attracts buyers who are offering far more than what you expected. Or when you reunite with the career path you left - you are offered a wonderful job that will pay you far more than you made before. 

“Every long separation is a test: A test to see how powerful or how weak the will of reuniting is!” ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan



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