General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday November 14th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday November 14th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

Although in the past you may have juggled many different interests and were able to keep balance in your life, today there is something pulling you in a new direction whether it be a new career path or relationship - it is demanding more of your attention. There is a warning coming through however this morning - you may lose something or someone in your life as a result if you aren't paying attention. 

The crow runs steadily keeping its cadence just right so that the pentacles stay in constant motion. With all components coming together in harmony, momentum builds helping the bird go further with ease. 

The energy that is serving as the foundation for today's reading is the Two of Pentacles bringing with it a propensity for staying busy. This is an energy that functions best when your day is full of tasks - it creates comfort when others may feel chaos. This may or may not have been a permanent state of being for you - however, your current situation is tied to a period when you were capable of juggling many different tasks or took on a lot and yet managed to keep everything beautifully in motion. 

Sometimes we busy ourselves because we are avoiding something we do not want to face or deal with, sometimes we take on several projects because it is just how the schedule worked out and each task needed to be completed regardless of whether or not it was convenient at the time. At the end of the day what the Two of Pentacles brings is the ability to keep all the plates up in the air spinning without missing a beat or dropping one. 

The crow and horse travel across the sandy beach enchanting all those who they encounter. This duo is fun, charismatic and charming and with their creative flair, they entertain and delight each acquaintance. The pair using their talents attract those who are drawn to their light and although it may be bright in the beginning - eventually with time it too will dim.

At the heart of today's reading is the alluring Knight of Cups and with it, there is something or someone who is attracting your attention. This new "shiny object" may be pulling you away from other tasks or relationships as you are drawn to immerse yourself and discover all you can about it. This new situation or opportunity may be exactly what you need at this moment - or it may be a distraction that will break the momentum you have been building. 

The Knight of Cups is coming through this morning asking you to consider the impact this new fascination will have on other aspects of your life - are the benefits long-term and worth sacrificing other interests? With the Two of Pentacles setting up the foundation - will the Knight of Cups disrupt your pattern and cause you to lose your focus or will it get you off the hamster-wheel so that you can enjoy life? 

The crow returns to the riverbank where it discovers three of the five cups it left have been knocked over and their contents lost in the water. Although all is not lost and there are two cups still remaining - the bird bows its head in disappointment knowing that if it kept an eye on the cups he would still have them all. 

The Five of Cups brings a warning - unless you are alright with sacrificing something for another -be prepared to lose what you do not devote attention to.

The Knight of Cups will bring to you something that is enticing and it may very well be what you need in the present moment - however if you have many other responsibilities that you have been successfully juggling and with only so many hours in the day something will drop. It may be your partner or family that feels the lack of your time and attention and as a result, they will drift or depend on you less. This new interest may cause friction at your job and will result in you losing it if you don't figure out how to balance the two. Within those cups - may be your health and over-working yourself or adding yet another distraction may impact your eating choices or sleep resulting in you falling ill. 

This warning this morning from the Four of Cups is to take notice now of what is pulling your attention before you pay the price.

You might decide to add the new interest into the fold without allowing it to take over - creating balance. You may be okay with gambling on what stays and what goes as a result of going all in. How you proceed will impact your future, and what you lose for better or for worse it completely up to you. 

"There is no decision that we can make that doesn't come with some sort of balance or sacrifice." ~ Simon Sinek

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