General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday November 8th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday November 8th

 Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

When confronted by someone's perception of a truth that hits home a little too hard your first impulse may be to fly away from the situation however when you stand firm - hold your head high and examine all you have accomplished you will see that what they bring is nothing but air - don't let it knock you down. 

The crow stands with its back to eight empty cups - although they may offer some value what they have become is more of a burden than a resource. At the edge of an inlet, the bird stares cross the slow-moving water is a new destination one that calls for exploration - one it cannot deny. 

The Eight of Cups comes forward this morning because in your past you were able to remove yourself from a situation that may not have been supportive of your needs - that held you back from expressing your true self.

Whether it be a relationship that was shallow and unfulfilling or leaving your childhood home where your family didn't support your ideas or emotions. This would have been a time when you were relatively comfortable but not truly satisfied and the feeling that something was missing tugged at your spirit to the point that you took action and moved on. 

Although it may not have seemed like a drastic shift at the time, much of who you are today can be traced back to this event as it created a spark within you - your strength to go after an idea, your willingness to find a better solution and the confidence to explore uncharted territory - it was this event that proved that you have the power within you to change the direction of your life. 

 The crow perches herself on a wand that rests on the two lion's heads. This regal bird commands attention - she is fit, sleek, and charming. She is also the one in control and harnesses the lion's fierce strength to achieve any goal she sets her sights on.

The energy around you at this time is that of the Queen of Wands - this is a strong feminine energy that enables you to use your creative mind to bring to life ideas. With this force present - you are in a place of knowing yourself thoroughly. Memories of past obstacles or challenges do not keep you as a victim - instead, they have proved to be valuable lessons that enabled you to build your strength for future obstacles. In addition - it is your ability to be self-aware that allows you to step back from confrontations or difficult situations without immediately engaging so that you can formulate a well-thought-out response - one that will, in the end, benefit you or create a positive outcome.  

One of the advantages of this energy is that it's almost like having those Wonder Woman cuffs - you are able to protect yourself from slights or snide comments - you repel other people's negativity so that you can go about your day getting things done and staying focused on reaching your goal. 

The crow soars through the air  - startling the horse sending it charging forward without knowing where it is going. The bird does not take into consideration those around him - it is too focused on its own path and as a result will knock over or push aside anything that stands in its way. 

The Knight of Swords brings a message - someone may have a goal in their mind something they want to achieve and in doing so they may not take into consideration your feelings or how you see the situation. They are zeroed in on something and how their message comes across may seem sharp or ruthless. 

The energy and the words this person brings to you may be one that is a shame trigger - and whereas you can easily fend-off other personal attacks - this one cuts a bit deeper and if you let it you will be thrown off your game because when we fall into shame we shift from managing obstacles to fighting for survival. 

Whether it be a deeply planted belief of not being smart enough to achieve something today because during childhood a parent or teacher called you "Stupid" and it took root or not feeling worthy of trust today because you lied about something as a child and you were labeled a "liar." Although these events may have happened decades ago - they still surface today when we least expect it and with the Knight of Swords approaching he has the potential to stir up these feelings up with his words. 

For example: If your boss comes up to you and berates you in front of your team for a mistake you made - if your self-talk is "wow - I did make a stupid error - lesson learned" you can move on and take that knowledge with you to ensure that it doesn't happen again - IF however, your self-talk is " I am such an idiot - I am stupid" - how do you recover from that? What happens is that the energy that is caused by feeling deep shame and humiliation needs to be expelled and the reaction will be damaging to your job or maybe to your relationship when you get home.

The Knight of Swords may have you retreating back to that time when you left it all behind - however, that is not who you are today and with the Queen of Wands support you have the ability to see your life as a whole not just your current position. From the vantage point, you can see how far you have come and have the ability to pinpoint a shame trigger. When you call it out by name the power shifts back to you. This doesn't mean you will not feel the emotions that surface - on the contrary, they will very much surface, however, you can now process them from a place of love and compassion and right there that is where a powerful strength resides. 

"Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.” ~Brené Brown



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