General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday October 11th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday October 11th

Crow Tarot reading

Good morning!

Before I start today's reading I just want to share with you that I will be on the Pagan "Shine" show tomorrow evening!! Here is the link

I'll be discussing the Crow Tarot and my latest project the Wise Dog Tarot with Rev. Mike Neal!


The sun is shining bright this morning (although not-so-much in Seattle), and in doing so, it illuminates areas of your life lovingly and warmly that when faced will bring you to a place of being in charge of your life.

The crow swoops down and while the other crows aren't looking takes their shiny treasures for himself. This greedy bird however in his haste to get away - doesn't get all he had hoped for.

With the Seven of Swords creating the foundation for this reading, you may be holding onto an experience from the past that has left you feeling a bit jaded, skeptical, or it may be a belief that you aren't deserving of something. The underlying energy of this card is one that results in the fear that someone is going to betray you or take something of yours or on the other end that it is you who is getting away with something.

This may manifest in putting off a vibe that you are not interested in a new relationship because your past partner cheated on you. It may be that you "drop things" because you feel that haven't earned the right to take it.

Sometimes people unintentionally instill their own misguided beliefs in us during childhood - these can come through as feelings of guilt around success, and because of this, we find that blocks form preventing us from moving forward. An example of this from my own life is one where my parents would talk negatively about specific career paths - salespeople were con men, lawyers were cheats - etc..basically to my parents the only people who made an honest living were blue collar like my dad. Because of this, I often felt uncomfortable in my previous Sales and Marketing positions - especially when I was doing well - that is when I would sabotage myself.

With the Sun shining a light over this reading - take some time to evaluate if you are shutting out new experiences or relationships because there is a fear of being cheated or a fear that you haven't earned the right to take what is yours.

The crow stands confidently on the horse as the sun rises - bringing light to a new day. The warm rays fill the bird with energy and with time on its side it is ready to seize the moment.

With the Sun bringing its powerful energy to the heart of today's reading you will be at the center of attention and because of this - it is your moment to shine! This is the time to put your best foot forward because like a moth to a flame you are attracting the attention that will lead to connecting with the right person or right opportunity and as if that wasn't enough to spark a positive shift - the Sun brings good luck to the equation!

The crow sits on his throne high above the clouds - it has a clear view of the landscape and can travel anywhere with a full understanding of where it is going, what the terrain is like, and if there are any obstacles. It is this vision, his drive, and his ability to see the world from an honest place that has earned him the role of leader.

The Emperor comes through this morning to ask "Are you taking the lead? Can you see your situation from a place of impartiality that will help make the best decision moving forward?"

With this energy supporting the Sun you will feel confident when you take on the role of leader - even if that merely means leading yourself. Also with the Sun present at this time - the fog will burn off and areas that may have seemed hazy will become clear, and because of this you will be able to execute plans with definitive action. The message of the Emperor is when you see the past from a place of unbias - that is when you are the one in control of your future

“If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you.” ~Louise Hay

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