General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading -  Thursday October 25

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday October 25

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The vibe I get from today's cards is a story of holding back and not taking direct action - it was more comfortable to just let things "sort themselves out" and as a result, you may have encountered help in the way of a new partner or relationship - however, who is really helping whom? 

A gust of wind took the crow by surprise as it knocked him back - instinctually the bird grabbed on to the branch as it fell. Worried that with the strong breeze he might harm himself if he let go - he stayed put hanging upside down and waited out the storm. 

Setting up the foundation for today's reading is the Hanged Man - this passive energy lets life move on while you remain suspended. It may have been beneficial to not react immediately to a conflict as with time you were able to feel out the situation and see it from a different perspective. It may have been the fear of putting in the extra effort only to fail held you back. Whatever the case may be - the situation you are in today for better or for worse is a result of hanging back and not taking action. 

When the two destined crows finally meet and come together a powerful energy is created. These two beings have traveled through lifetimes together helping one another learn and grow during each incarnation. In this lifetime they share a passion for a single desire or idea - it is what reunited them and when they work as one there is nothing that can stop this pair from succeeding. 

With the Two of Cups sitting in the present position, this indicates that a soul-connection will come into your life. This may be a new business partner or a new romantic relationship - whoever this person may be it is someone you have traveled with for several lifetimes and you are together to help each other grow on your path to enlightenment.  When you meet this person - there will be a noticeable click as if you have known them your whole life despite only just meeting. Take notice of this feeling as this connection brings an opportunity to not only find success but also a valuable karmic lesson. 

The smug crow stands triumphantly as it has bullied its way into the group and took all their swords - then had the nerve to caw about it. Some of the crows simply flew off to find a new place to roost - others played dead hoping the boorish bird would leave. 

The Five of Swords brings a warning that there will be an energy surfacing that will create a temptation for either you or your partner to make a power grab or take advantage of the situation - one that will result in feeling resentful and annoyed by the aggressive behavior. 

This energy the Five of Swords brings heightens our need to be the victor or the aggressor as it supports and eggs on our little ego-maniac - that part of ourselves, for the most part, we keep in check. 

This friction may be the result of a lesson that your karmic partner has come to help you work through and although it may cause discomfort initially - it may be necessary for you to gain a better understanding of yourself so that you can move forward. 

With the Hanged Man setting up this reading - it may be worth referring back to that time when you stepped back and allowed the situation to play through without taking action in order to gain a different perspective before reacting. At the center is love, whether it be romantic or platonic - either way, this person is here to help you discover and grow - if they are the brutish boor - you may want to consider that in this lifetime it is you who is the one doing the teaching.  

"Through Love all that is bitter will be sweet, Through Love all that is copper will be gold, Through Love all dregs will become wine, through Love all pain will turn to medicine." ~ Rumi

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