General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday October 4th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday October 4th

Crow tarot reading

Good morning! 

The energy coming through this morning is one of self-confidence and determination - when you apply the energies from today's cards to your current situation you will find the ability to find creative solutions, implement ideas with a clear vision and overcome any challenges that may have been holding you back. 

The young and ambitious crow flies through the air with a sword - its latest discovery and newest treasure. Although excited about this find the crow sets out to learn as much as it can about its power before using the sharp tool.

The Page of Swords comes through because in the past you took the time to do a job well, although ensuring things were done well and with integrity may have slowed down the process in the short term in the long term it solidified your standing as your reputation today benefited from your actions. 

Perhaps your boss or supervisor wanted you to cut corners or forego a step in order to save time or speed up the process - however, you stood your ground, disregarded their requests so that the job could be done correctly with 100% integrity on your part - in doing so this may have cost you a little with your boss but in the end you were correct and the result was noticeable. 

This may also indicate that you spoke up for an injustice - despite the fear of repercussion because it is the right thing to do and your personal integrity was at stake. 

The crow sits in the victory circle where it is greeted by its peers who admire what the crow has achieved - it was a hard-earned place to get to but in the end, well deserved.  

At the center of today's reading is the Six of Wands bringing the message that when you apply the energy of the Page of Swords and stand up for what you believe in and do the right thing even if it isn't the easiest or most comfortable position to take - you will be recognized for your efforts and you will find success because of it. Whether it be your co-workers, customers, or community - your actions will be seen as a benefit to others and because of this, you will reap the rewards. 

Speaking your mind and working with integrity may have caused a little friction at that moment, in the end, it will be the thing that gets you noticed by someone important who can help further your career or help you reach a successful end to a project you are working on so that you can progress.

The strong healthy crow stands confidently on her wand that is balanced on two lions. She is a confident, regal, and seductive creature who is capable of creating a plan for success and ensuring that each step of the way is executed beautifully.  

Obstacles from the past will be resolved and you may feel as though you stumbled upon this success however it is a culmination of all the lessons learned over the years that have come together. The result of using the energy of the Page of Sword brought you to a secure and stable place within your situation and any insecurities that may have surfaced during that time will be washed away. Your place in the victory circle is not fleeting - this is a time for you to embrace success - lean into your achievements because in doing so you will attract the forward moving and transformative energy of the Queen of Wands - from this place anything is possible.  

When you manifest the energy of the Queen of Wands there is a feeling of being confident in your position or role - you are a leader who stands tall with personal integrity and respect - and it will take much to shake you from this firmly rooted success.

"If you want to see the true measure of a man, watch how he treats his inferiors, not his equals." ~ J. K. Rowling

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