General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday Sept 27th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Thursday Sept 27th

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Good morning!

Before I start today's reading I want to express gratitude for all of you who have backed not only the Crow Tarot but also my latest project the Wise Dog - the campaign ended last night and was an incredible success! Thank you! 

The forecast calls for sun again today as we are being provided a guiding light that will lead us down a path to complete fulfillment. 

The crow flies swiftly in the air breaking free from the barriers that held it back. It is from the intense energy the crow creates, this bird can literally move mountains. 

With the Ace of Swords in the past position, you found a way to overcome an obstacle that was preventing progress or holding you back from the desired outcome. You used not only your intellect but also drive and determination to create the action needed to succeed. If you look back on this time you will see that this period of your life is clearly defined and there is a distinct difference between life before this event and life as a result of it. 

The proud crow stands on the cups it has collected and filled over the years. This bird put in the work and achieved everything it could ever possibly want and then some.  

With the Nine of Cups in the present position - at the heart of today's reading is an outcome that you have wished for, however, the question is can you handle the outcome? Could it be too much of a good thing as joy is replaced by overwhelm - or are you able to handle it, bask in your achievements and take it all in stride? 

The energy supporting you right now is that of feeling complete satisfaction with your life and where you stand at the present moment - you reached this place not out of luck but because of perseverance. If you have been feeling guilty because of your success - the Nine of Cups brings the message that you earned what you received and when you allow yourself to feel pride in your accomplishments you will let go of any past constraints or beliefs - you will move forward into a new phase - one that has you feeling fulfilled in all aspects of life. 

The Crow stands on the horse as the sun lights the way. Sure and steady on the horse, the crow is confident that the Sun will reveal the way to the best possible outcome and willingly embarks on the journey.

With the Sun coming in after the Nine of Cups this indicates that although you have reached a good amount of success in your current situation - there is still more to learn and if you decide to follow the signs illuminated by the Sun you will be guided in a direction that will bring you into alignment with your soul purpose. It is from this place that you will find enlightenment. 

If you look back at the breakout moment as pointed out with the Ace of Swords - you will see where your life changed course and because this you were able to see your wishes manifest - it is because of these events that the Sun energy is coming forward.

Let the sun be your guide! 

Blessed be! 






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