Second Printing of the Grimalkin Tarot is Coming Soon!
Second Printing of the Grimalkin Tarot is Coming Soon!
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General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading Tuesday 17th

Daily Crow Tarot Readings

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Good morning! 

The first vibe I get from these cards is that of demanding control over a situation and focusing on what may or may not happen in the future. Because of the self-created anxiety, there is no attention placed on a very real present problem that may require professional help,

The crow of the Four of Pentacles held its possessions tightly, it did not want to release anything or give up the things it worked hard to obtain. Because of this, it's movement were restricted and the bird became flightless - weighted down by its own greed, ego, and stinginess. 

The Four of Pentacles denotes a time when you felt the need to be in complete control of a situation, and would not give an inch, as you were certain you were the most knowledgeable and offered the best information. During this time, you shut out the opinions of others, unable to extend respect or even an ear as you were too wrapped up in your own ego. It is the result of your actions during this time that you find yourself today still trying to control the situation - however, with time the situation has evolved, and the arrival of the Queen of Swords indicates that you are unable to see it for what it is in this present moment. 

The Queen of Swords is a logical, sharp-minded crow - she is not one who allows her heart to play any role in the decision making and operates in a world of black and white with no shades of grey as it is either a fact - or it is not. At times she can be seen as cold and distant, critical of those who do not rise to her standards. 

Because the current situation brings emotional elements to the surface, especially around fear and control - the energy of the Queen of Swords is muted as she does not care about such things and is only focused on the future. Her attention is on the long-term outcome, and what the logical course of action should be.

An example of this would be a divorce where there is a disagreement about custody, as one parent believes they should be in complete control, however, because they are blinded by their own desire to control the situation, their ego, and cut and dry financial facts, - the parent is unable to see the pain and emotional outbursts of the child he/she is fighting over. 

The King of Swords is a strong, level-headed crow that brings authority and a calm, secure feeling to any situation. Under his wing, you know you are getting solid, well-rounded advice as this bird takes a pragmatic approach to every situation.

The King of Swords will bring a resolution that addresses the immediate needs, one that is focused on the current issues as this is essential for laying down the foundation for a positive future. This energy may enter the situation as a result of another person's desire to resolve the conflict in a fair and balanced way. Because the King of Swords brings an authoritative power, you will be asked (or demanded) to release your hold of control - but know in doing so, the experience will offer a much needed and valuable life lesson as it will enable you to spread your wings and discover freedom. 

“Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it.”  ~ Gibran 





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    Its like your completely speaking to me! Thank you

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