Second Printing of the Grimalkin Tarot is Coming Soon!
Second Printing of the Grimalkin Tarot is Coming Soon!
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General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday August 14th

AUGUST Daily Crow Tarot Readings

crow tarot reading

Good morning!

There is an opportunity to experience the joy of doing what you love or being with the person you desire - however, to get there you will need to address something that may make you feel uncomfortable and because of that, you create ways to avoid the issue.  

The crow stands on the river bank as the mounting cups have started to overwhelm him. He could easily fly away to a distant land leaving the cups behind -however, the contents of the cups do not dissolve in the crows absence - they simply reappear in another set of cups where ever the crow lands. 

The Eight of Cups comes through this morning to ask what are you avoiding instead of dealing with head on? If you are afraid of conflict - do you keep quiet or pretend to agree just to avoid any uncomfortable feelings that come from an argument.

Do you avoid doing some of the less fun business tasks out of fear that you may end up is a sea of red tape and tax bills?

Do you tend to stay in relationships long past their expiration date because going it alone is far scarier than being tied to someone you dislike? 

The message of the Eight of Cups is to face what is in the cups - only then will you be able to fly away without having the contents follow you where ever you go. 

The crows gather in a warmly lit, abundant garden. This is a place of peace and joy - the atmosphere is loving and supportive - it is a place where dreams come true and happiness fills the air. 

At the heart of today's reading is a feeling of complete and total bliss - you are able to enjoy life in a way that is free from conflict as you feel a loving supportive energy build.

With the Ten of Cups hovering around there is a feeling of being in love - whether it be with a relationship, or a project, career, a hobby - whatever it is that brings you joy the Ten of Cups amplifies it. 

With the Eight of Cups sitting there, however, the feeling of bliss may be short-lived or blocked unless you address the areas in your life that tend to sabotage you. If you are staying in a lackluster relationship - you may be closing the door on someone who would sweep you off your feet.  

If you avoid conflict your needs may not be met and as a result, resentment will build - it also doesn't give the other person an opportunity to address your concerns - they may not even be aware of how you are feeling.

By avoiding the mundane tasks that come from having a business - you may be subconsciously putting out there that you don't want your business to grow past being just a hobby. 

To really get into the positive energy that the Ten of Cups is offering - look for areas in your life where you choose avoidance as a coping mechanism during difficult times.

The crow sits on a branch - in quiet contemplation. Below the bird, there are three cups - but they do not hold the bird's interest as he is well familiar with their contents. A cloud appears offering another cup - the crow being wise to what it needs and doesn't reed makes no attempt to reach for it - as it has all the cups it requires.

The Four of Cups brings a mature outlook - one that will help you to determine what you need to address and what would serve you best to avoid. For example, an opportunity to clear the air with a friend or partner may arrive - however, the time and place may not be the best for being understood and as a result, it would prove beneficial to avoid the conflict until a better time presents itself. 

The Four of Cups may present itself as the feeling in your gut you get when a friend suggests their brother-in-law to be your bookkeeper as you know that this person would in the end not be the best choice despite being the cheapest - and instead opt for a more qualified person. 

The Eight of Cups brings to the surface a pattern of avoiding difficult situations or tasks - however, you may need to get out of your comfort zone (even though it really isn't all that comfortable - what it is, however, is familiar) in order to get into a better more comfortable place - one that is sustainable. With the Four of Cups supporting the Ten of Cups, you will be able to quickly determine what to accept and what to avoid to ensure that you hang on to that feeling of bliss for some time! 

"you can't get away from yourself by moving from one place to another.” ~Ernest Hemingway






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