General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday August 28th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday August 28th

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Good morning!

Are you in a rut? Or are you in a groove? There is a steady pace building, one that will keep you in a place of stability - however, how you view your situation may be the result of beliefs you were taught as a child. 

The crow hovers above the starving birds on the beach. Carefully weighing its decision it releases one of its two fish to the birds below. As generous as this bird may appear to the crows on the beach, in reality, it was not a purely selfless act as the crow had plenty to share and will expect a favor at some point in return.

The Six of Pentacles comes through this morning as an opportunity for you to examine your views on financial matters and material possessions. Recently a friend and I were discussing our childhoods and we discovered we both have mothers who kept very tight records on every last expenditure while growing up and would constantly remind us of the financial sacrifices that were made so that we could have this or that. I can't tell you how many times I was reminded that my parents paid over $2500 so that I could have straight teeth...(a number that seems low by today's standards now that my daughter will need braces in the future) How we view money is related to what we were taught and for myself and for my friend it is no surprise that there is a great deal of shame wrapped up in it and as a result if you ask either one of us we will tell you - money, if unchecked is a source of stress, avoidance, and guilt. 

How you view your financial matters and money specifically has a direct impact on your current situation. If you are going after a new job or career path - are you sending the signal or the vibe to future employers that you are worth a lower salary than what you truly deserve? If you are trying to start your own business and view money as a source of evil or only greedy people want money - then you will find getting your business off the ground a bit more challenging since what you will need is money to do that. The energy we send out to the Universe is what we get back and if you are holding on to past beliefs because of how your parents or other adults in your life viewed money than you are sending out a mixed signal. How we view money can even affect who we attract in regards to romantic relationships - if we view ourselves as less deserving of a financially successful partner we may end up passing on someone who would have been the love of our life. Money isn't good nor bad - it just is...How we use it, however, is up to us and a lot of good change can be made in this world if more kind-hearted people had it. 

The crow diligently works on placing another wand perfectly in place. This being the last one is proving to be a bit more difficult than the last, but nonetheless, the project is nearly finished and the bird trudges on as the sun is still high in the sky and with the clouds parting - solutions are coming clear. 

The Nine of Wands at the heart of today's reading indicates that you are moving along, making progress and things are going pretty steadily. The message this card brings is that if you are feeling any friction or if there is an obstacle that is slowing you down - stay focused on the big picture and face the situation head-on. 

With the Six of Pentacles setting up the foundation for today's reading the obstacle may be finance related and although the solution may require you to pay back a favor or give something in return - in the end, you will complete the task and move forward.

This final task may also require you to get clear on what your goals are financially in order to create a stable foundation for moving forward. 

The crow sits on a blooming branch staring intently at the pentacle floating in front of it. The crow will then use the memory of the pentacle to manifest more and along with it new opportunities. 

With the Ace of Pentacles supporting you, there is a fresh energy in the air and any financial worries that were weighing you down will be minimized as issues in this area will be resolved. The energy offered by the Ace of Pentacles is one of manifesting and using the law of attraction to help you create that which you desire. Use this time to get clear on your goals because when you do the opportunities to reach them will appear. 

"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan." ~Eleanor Roosevelt



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