General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday August 4th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday August 4th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning,

For the second time in less than a four days, the Nine of Swords comes through - there is some anxiety building perhaps the shift of season is causing the disruption as with it brings a new school year - as well as new starts for many. I pulled an additional card for clarification and although feeling anxiety is normal in new situations that have you second-guessing yourself - in the end, understand it is your creative mind at work and you can direct this energy towards fear of the unknown or delight in the unknown and run with it. 

The crow returns home to where it spent much of its childhood. There it reminisced about a time of being carefree and living each day in the moment. It was all about play. 

In the past position, the Six of Cups is coming through because you are taking a child-like approach to a situation in that there is a level of ignorance that is keeping you happily moving along. You may be jumping into something that requires more attention than what you are offering and not out of denial or as a means of escaping the situation but rather because you simply don't know to look for it. In many ways, this can be a blessing as this attitude has enabled you to put yourself out there and try new things that would have scared others off. It is your childlike wonder that has opened the door to many opportunities. 

The crow in search of answers perches itself in front of the full moon where it hopes to find the solution to its current situation illuminated - however, what it receives instead is a murky vision of the thing that is scaring it the most - something that may or may not reside outside the crow's head. 

With the Moon following the Six of Cups at the heart of today's reading - this is almost like a child being afraid of the dark. When the lights are on - there is nothing to be afraid of, but turn the lights off and the room is filled with monsters. There is a lack of information or you aren't feeling secure in your situation because the information you have been given is unclear.

Perhaps that dream job was offered to you in a way that left things up in the air and now you find yourself questioning whether or not you got it and don't want to risk appearing "child-like" for asking for clarification. 

There may be a significant move you are planning, however, because the details are murky there is a feeling of unsettledness around it and you aren't sure about the next steps.

The Moon is coming through because you are getting mixed signals - and the lack of straight-forward answers is causing you stress and anxiety - enter the Nine of Swords.

The crow tries to sleep but instead all the worries of the day wash over it. Its mind is reeling as it catastrophizes each and every obstacle to the point where they no longer are fears created by the unknown - no this bird was able to bring those fears to life. 

The Nine of Swords comes through because of the worry created by the Moon and it's inability to shine a crystal clear light on your situation. There is a feeling of angst in the air as you lean towards the worst possible outcome and as your mind plays out this disaster scenario you risk reacting to an outcome that may or may not be rooted in reality and because of this, you may, in fact, create the situation that you dread the most. 

This may be irrationally accusing a partner of cheating, despite having little information - however, what little information you do have you were able to construct a storyline that fell into your fear and as a result of this accusation your relationship is hurt or ends. 

Maybe the story you tell yourself is that you don't really deserve that new promotion and as a result, you take your boss's lack of expediency in finalizing the paperwork as a sign that something is wrong and it isn't happening and react in a way that jeopardizes not only your new role but also your job entirely. 

The sounds we hear in the dark are far more intense than when the light is on - it is unknowing the source that effects how we react. 

The Page of Wands is a creative soul and delights in taking on new challenges. This bird is an adventurer and a free-spirit who rolls with the punches.

The advice the Page of Wands brings is that creativity can be used for good - or for worse if you let your creative mind take you down a dark path as indicated by the Moon and the Nine of Swords. The message the Page brings is to redirect that creativity in a direction that lifts you up because in doing so you will create more opportunities that you want to manifest not bring to life those you don't.

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light." ~ Plato














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