General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday August 7th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good Afternoon!

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Ensuring that your future was built on a solid foundation may have required extra work and tightening your belt for some time - but in the end, it has allowed you to spend time dabbling here and there in other areas of interest. The only problem comes when you depart too far afield as you may need to defend your position. 

The crow of the Seven of Pentacles created a safe and secure place to roost. It took a good amount of sacrifice to get each on the pentacles into place - but in the end, it was worth the effort as the bird can now rest knowing that she is prepared.

The Seven of Pentacles indicates that your current situation is a result of taking the time to prepare for the future. It was the ability to see beyond the present moment that helped you craft a strategy for a better more secure future. This may have been a time when you put in extra effort at work in order to secure a promotion or earn extra money that you saved for a rainy day. This may also point to investing in your health and taking a more serious approach to how you treat your body. 

It was this investment that you made for yourself that has led to your current situation.  

The crows gather for a little fun competition. They each have strengths that they enjoy showing off and although it is all in good fun - the fun itself can be a distraction as the birds get so caught up with proving themselves and one-upping each other that time seems to slip away and in the end - nothing is accomplished. 

At the heart of today's reading is the Five of Wands indicating that there are a few different situations or dramas that are pulling and competing for your attention. 

Because you have created a solid foundation - one that has you in a place of security it may be tempting to experiment with other creative projects or get caught up in the latest drama a friend presents - however in the end unless you are careful what may result is just a waste of valuable time.

Taking a break from the day to day tasks that have become part of your routine is essential for your mental health and everyone needs a vacation to recharge their batteries - the Five of Wands is bringing a warning today: Don't become too distracted by other people's issues or novel ideas that seem to be more fluff than substance. If you fall down the rabbit hole too deeply you may end up squandering all that you have invested. 

The crow of the Seven of Wands is securely planted at the top of the cliff - however, that doesn't mean it is free from scrutiny and although he earned his place he is stuck, unable to enjoy the view as he must defend his position from those who challenge his worthiness to be on top. 

The Seven of Wands reinforces the warning of the Five of Wands - if you delve in too deep or get side-tracked by something that adds little value to your current investment you may need to defend your position from those around you who feel connected to the final outcome. 

Perhaps you worked hard to get your current promotion - and although you feel secure in your job, an opportunity comes to take a position with another company - one that seems intriguing but doesn't have the solid reputation and the company itself is a bit volatile. IF you decided to leave your current role and take the job with the new less stable company - your friends and family may question your choice or in the case of those impacted by your decision - you may need to defend your position. 

The Seven of Pentacles indicates that your investment paid off - however with the Five of Wands at the center you are being tempted or distracted by something or someone who may have a negative impact on your security if you entertain this situation for too long and as a result the Seven of Wands has you defending this position and your footing on top is not as stable as it once has been. 

"It is our choices... that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." ~ J. K. Rowling




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