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General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday December 11th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday December 11th



Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning,

When it comes to other people's comfort or happiness, being a contributor and doing so with loving energy can make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, however, it may be a good time to step back and assess - are you putting the needs of others far before your own?

If you found success after pursuing an interest that intrigued you, maybe branching out on a new career or starting a new relationship and it seems to have stalled or slowed down it may be time to examine if your priorities to attend to the feelings of others first or to be self-sacrificing is holding you back. The need to please or to fit into another person's vision of success may be holding you back from exploring all the possibilities that out there waiting for you.

It may be time to let go and set up boundaries.

The crow lifted itself gracefully into the air with a controlled force fueled by determination and desire. With its beak pointed upward it combined the elements to create an energy that transforms intentions into opportunities for the bird to manifest its goal.

The Magician comes forward this morning because the foundation for your current situation began with a desire to transform an idea or dream into something tangible.

You set your intentions and then went to work using your focus, intuition, creativity, and available resources to create the energy and momentum needed to attract the opportunities needed to manifest your goal.

The Magician's energy brought a spark of magic to your life and although you were the one in control of the power - it may all seem so spectacular or unreal. You put the effort in and it worked out and yet somewhere in the back of your mind you find yourself questioning - why? The song that just popped into my head as I am writing this is Once in a Lifetime by the Talking Heads. "You may ask yourself - well, how did I get here?"

It is my belief that when things fall into place - when the Magician casts its wand in our direction and transforms a thought into something more than just some novel flight of fancy - it is as it should be - as it was meant to be and it is our task to take the gift and run with it as far as we can go.

Feeling a deep connection with the energy of the beach the crow spent her day pulling together little things from here and there and transformed the once cold hard stone throne into a place of comfort - a place that connected with her soul. Her new perch felt perfect and because it was covered from top to bottom with a mish-mash of treasures from stones to seaweed it attracted the attention of sea creatures far and wide. Lovingly she clucked at each one - serving as their protector and although she had her pick - each one would serve as a delicious meal she refrained refusing to take even a small snack.

At the center of today's reading is the Queen of Cups and she brings a mother or goddess energy to your current situation. This energy is deeply compassionate and loving - this is the mother who comforts without criticism or judgment who understands the difference between sympathy and empathy. This is energy that helps you keeps your ears open and your mouth closed when a friend needs to talk.

As kind and as compassionate this energy is - it offers its best for all involved when in balance.

Looking back (The Magician) and looking ahead (Death) goals or aspirations may seem blurred or unfocused at this time and action steps or plans may have become muddled as a result of others depending on you - or at least you view that others are depending on you.

It may be that someone is trying to drag you into their drama because you have been a source of support in the past however today it is draining your energy and distracting you from your goal.

You may hold off on a promotion or taking a new relationship to the next level out of a concern that your actions may cause others to feel hurt - in comforting others however you may be causing yourself discomfort in the end because you are holding back on something you deeply want.

The Queen of Cups comes forward this morning to suggest that you examine if there are blocks connected to a fear of disappointing others that may be holding you back from the finishing what you started - when you worked with the Magician's energy.

The crow's heavy body lays still. The heart that once pumped is still and quiet. The lungs that once filled with air are empty and the wings that would cast it into the sky where it would soar joyfully are limp and lifeless.
However - the bird still desires to fly. Seeing no other solution - the crow pulls upward and leaves its shell, that part of itself that no longer supports its dream and rises into the air.

Death comes through this morning because something needs to be let go.

It may be that you need to create boundaries and resign from the position of personal caretaker for all those who have problems. The best way to know if you are being of service and truly helping someone or you are a victim of an energy vampire is to step back and check - do you feel good and have a sense of lightness after interacting with this person or do you actually physically exhausted? Do you feel as though you made a difference or do you walk away feeling emotionally depleted or resentment?

The Death card brings a message of letting go - and depending on your situation that may indicate the plans you set into motion in the past - your dream that you had started to realize may not fit with your life today.

Depending on how the energy of the Queen of Cups enters your life - what you need to let go and what another person needs to let go may be two very different things. One thing is for certain - with Death closing this reading in order to find harmony something is going to have to be released.

The feeling I get - what my intuition is telling me when I am looking at the cards is that the Death card is speaking to the need of letting go of a fear that your success is going to make someone else feel bad. You may be worried that your relationship will change as a result of your achieving a goal while the other person is still working on theirs. You may be tempted to not reach so high as an attempt to shield this person from self-criticism that will affect their self-esteem. It is your loving nature and a desire to make sure that all those around you feel good that may be causing a fear of being seen as selfish if you reach your goal and find success.

Here is something that I am personally working on letting go - and maybe you have an older parent as well and can relate. If I reach a certain level of financial success than I should be able to have my aging mother who needs a full-time nurse live with me. Despite the years of therapy, as a result of my childhood and the dysfunction it would cause both our lives today, I somehow believe that it is my duty (Catholic guilt) and the fact that I really don't want to - makes me a selfish and uncaring person. Even as I write this I feel guilty for even admitting it. So boom - I put up a block - problem solved. I don't reach my true potential and as a result, I am off the hook. Does this sound familiar - maybe it isn't an aging parent but some other belief that keeps you self-sabotaging your dreams.

When you take action and your dreams begin to manifest - let your intuition be your guide. Deep down you will feel in your heart what needs to go - the challenge comes from actually doing it so that you can finally fly.


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