General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday July 10th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday July 10th

ot Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

Have you ever lost something and when you found it again or found a replacement you latched on to it for dear life so tightly that it no longer brought the amount of joy it once offered -anxiety tarnished it. We all deserve love and belonging and to truly reach that place of harmony the message today is to let go

The crow sought refuge at the side of a cliff, however, the dense walls were unable to protect it from the swords and it is here that the bird lost the most valuable possession it had - its life. The pain although severe from the swords did not compare to the pain of knowing that it was at the hand of another and out of the crow's control. 

Although in the past position - the sting of the Ten of Swords is still very real today and whether conscious of it or not the decisions you make today reflect the anxiety around a fear of reliving that experience. The energy that is running through you as a result of this long gone experience is one that keeps you on your guard, always looking over your shoulder so to speak for the next saboteur and unable to fully trust. On the surface, you have moved on but inside the wounds are still fresh. 

The crow holds the pentacles tightly, they are his, his alone and nobody better try to take them from him. They are the biggest, brightest most beautiful pentacles that the world has ever seen and there isn't a bird around that is worth losing them over. Of course with that attitude - instead of attracting admirers, he breeds contempt as he is seen as an egotistical and materialistic blow-hard.

At the center of today's reading is the Four of Pentacles and the energy this card brings to the surface is causing some friction. Even though you may have a solid foundation financially, there is some anxiety around losing what you have and because of this - you hold your resources very tightly. With the Ten of Swords in the past position - this may indicate that you lost something valuable in the past and although each situation is different - you can't help but feel a need to over-protect your resources. Perhaps during the 2008 crash, you lost a significant amount of money and because of that, you are a bit more apprehensive about handing over your hard earned money to an investor. This may not be such a bad thing considering the volatility in the world today. However the question is - what is driving your decision - are you holding your resources tight out of fear or are you letting them sit until the time is right? Each scenario projects two totally different energies to the universe.

The Four of Pentacles following the Ten of Swords may also represent a relationship that you may be smothering because there is fear around losing your current partner. On the other hand - it may be that you are holding your own heart too tightly so that you are blocking any future relationships.

The message that is projected when resources are held tightly is not one that supports abundance or new opportunities - instead, it creates a block because we are sending out the signal that our hands are full and can't hold anymore. This is a time to create a positive flow by letting the grip ease a bit on that thing that you are holding on to for dear life. 

Another example may be the saving and saving for a rainy day - never taking a vacation or spending the money that you amassed and in the end, all you have are a few if any fond memories and a large unused bank account.

The crows of the Ten of Pentacles rest in a beautiful garden - it is here that the birds spend their days completely content as all their desires are within reach.

The Ten of Pentacles offers a peek at your future. By removing any blockages that are tied to the anxiety caused by the past you will find that the future is one of abundance and harmony. 

It's time to let go of the tight grip the past has on you so that you can move into a better future. Whereas the Ten of Swords marked an ending to a difficult period - the Ten of Pentacles ushers in a new radiant beginning where life is truly lived and shared.

"A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety." ~Aesop



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Amazing..your reading cause me to reflect inward..always💞


Woke up to a parking ticket, and hyperextended my “bad” knee… I’m an old 34. Needed to hear this, thank you.

Judy Krick

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