General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday July 24th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday July 24th

Crow Tarot REading

Good morning!

A shakeup is coming, and it may hit you by surprise - however not all changes throw us into turmoil - sometimes we need to see the situation from a different perspective and it the only way to do that is to get us to move - in the end, it will be worth celebrating. 

The crow soars through the air with a swiftness as it is determined to keep up with the fast-moving wands as they break away in search of a new opportunity. 

There is a swift, fiery and creative energy that is serving as the foundation for your current situation.

The Eight of Wands indicates that in your past a new opportunity entered your life effortlessly and you took it with little or no hesitation. This was a time of fast-moving momentum and things seemed to come together without much of a struggle. This may have been a new job that you stumbled upon that you easily excelled at and as a result rose up at the company without much competition or hurdles to overcome. In a relationship, the Eight of Wands points to an instant connection with a partner - one who swept you off your feet and things have been perfect ever since. 

The crows roosted in the same spot for years - it was their home and a source of security - a place that many took for granted. That was until a storm came in and brought the tower to the ground. The crows that were able to adjust to the change the best were the ones that quickly sought out a new safe place, they needed to be creative at first but once they set out with a purpose the chore was complete and they could once again sleep in comfort. The crows that didn't fare so well were the ones that clung to the disheveled tower, stuck in the past and unable to let go of the disaster so that they could search for a new place.

At the center of today's reading is the Tower and a shake-up is coming - be prepared. This event will spark the motivation you need to move you into action and away from something or an idea you are clinging on to out of comfort or complacency.

I don't believe that the Tower needs to represent something that will be detrimental or devasting on a large scale - although it can. With the surrounding cards today, however, the Tower will create an event that will have you seeing your situation from a different angle one that will call upon the creativity and swiftness of the Eight of Wands.  -

Or for some maybe the Eight of Wands in the past being so driven and active that you may be reaching a point of burnout and the Tower comes in to help you reset your goals and refocus your attention so that you can continue at a more realistic pace. 

You will feel a significant shift and something is going to change - how you approach that change is completely up to you, whether you learn from it and develop new strategies for growth or if you allow this event to pin you down to an old way of doing something that no longer reflects what is going on in the present moment - the choice is yours. 

The Tower may simply be that your company will now require you to learn a new task or a new way of doing something. The old way may have been comfortable and you felt secure in what you were doing - and now you are feeling out of your element or worried about your standing in the company. 

In a relationship, the shakeup may come in the form of your partner wanting to take a break or maybe they get an opportunity to take a job in a different country one that will separate you for some time and cause you to feel uncertain about the future. This may be the event that actually creates a stronger relationship.

In the end is a celebration and the Three of Cups...

The three birds gather in a beautiful garden to celebrate an achievement. Together they eat and drink till their heart's content as this is a moment in their lives where everything has come together beautifully. 

The result of the Tower will be something worth celebrating - in the end the shake-up will be a benefit as it will have pushed you into action or forced you to see your situation from a place that brings in new opportunities or offers an expansive view of the future. 

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." ~ George Bernard Shaw




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