crow tarot reading

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday July 31st

crow tarot reading

Good morning! 

If you have asked for help, or guidance, if you have been in need of a boost of energy to get over a task or start a new one - the cards that came through this morning indicate you have been heard. Let these cards sink in as there is a good amount of strength and positive energy abound - focus on their attributes as this will help you solidify your intentions.

The resourceful and nurturing mother crow stands on her throne - she is at the ready in the event that one of her fledglings needs support. With an endless supply of resources and a love for all those in her presence, her generosity is unconditional. Although in a position of authority as Queen - she sees herself as part of a bigger picture and because of this contributes more than her fair share to the greater good. 

The Queen of Pentacles in the past position indicates that you are who you are today because of the influence of a strong female - whether it be a mentor or a parent, This person came into your life during an impressionable time - when you were developing your confidence and figuring out your place in this vast world. It may have seemed insignificant at the time - but if you look back on their contribution to your life today you will see the impact was significant. 

In my life, I have been fortunate enough to encounter a few Queen of Pentacles. However - I am here today writing this because back in the late 80's my boss, Robin (who by the way was also one of the strongest women I know) at Lord and Taylor in Braintree Massachusettes believed in me and encouraged me to go after a long-shot  Despite having a less-than-stellar academic career in high school I knew that I needed to go to Parson's School of Design - and when other people (including my parents) told me I was nuts - I didn't have the grades or the money and that why on earth would they pick me..It was Robin who taught me if I wanted to get into that school it just required two things: Unyielding determination and a belief that it would happen - she was right. Because of her, I focused on more on my dream and less on the naysayers.

The Queen of Pentacles may also point to you - if at a young age you needed to take care of yourself - emotionally and financially. Because of this experience, you have a greater understanding of the importance of compassion for yourself as well as others. 

The crow is sturdy, slow-moving and unflinching as it rides on the back of the powerful workhorse. This methodical bird works best when there is a routine in place and unlike his peers who are distracted by shiny objects - he can focus his attention on a single task until it is complete (that must be nice...) 

At the center of today's reading is the Knight of Pentacles and with it comes a time of reliable, steady resources. If there is a downside to the energy at the present moment it is that it can lead to moments of boredom as things aren't as volatile or exciting as perhaps they were in the past and being that we humans find solving problems stimulating - when things are going too well it may result in a desire to shake things up. 

This energy is ready to support you by giving you the extra stamina to take on a new project when you are ready to add more to your workload as your financial security will enable you to explore other areas of interest.

The warning from the Knight of Pentacles: Boredom can lead to destructive behavior, be careful not to jeopardize your stability by mistaking a groove for a rut.

The strong, confident, and healthy crow holds her position as the dominant creature. It is her out-going personality and charisma that keeps those in her presence charmed as she brings a fresh and radiant energy into any situation.

Supporting the Knight of Pentacles is the Queen of Wands as this creative energy is ready to help you move forward with a new project - one that will further strengthen your financial situation. You will feel a creative surge as you bring a new project or situation to life. 

The Queen of Wands indicates that you will soon embark on a new path, one that will happen with relative ease and although you won't need to struggle to find answers as perhaps you have in the past when taking on something new  - the wisdom you gain from this experience will prove to be significant and beneficial for future adventures. 

The cards that came through this morning come together with the message to allow confidence to reign supreme and to not allow fear or feelings of insecurity hold back your progress. If you need it - you will find help and if your dream is dependent on finding the financial resources to fund it - you will find the resources will be there. All you need to contribute is your determination and creativity. 

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." ~Anais Nin












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