General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday July 3rd

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crow tarot reading

Good morning! 

When we look back at past victories it is easy to focus on the big events, the breakout moments that led to the success, we tend to forget all the little micro-challenges that came together along the way. Comparing a past success that is distorted to a current situation creates an unrealistic expectation - one that can make the situation seem a lot more difficult than it is. 

The crow dances with joy within the victory circle - it took time and a great deal of effort along the way - but eventually this bird found success and with it a strong foundation to build infinite future achievements. 

The World denotes that you have a success in your past, one that created a significant change in your life. This may have been landing your dream job or marrying your soulmate. This was a time of feeling on top of the world - however, the past is the past and although the energy of this time runs through you and supports you, it is not in the present.

The crow sits on a branch staring at the bright full moon. It is in search of validation, however, what the moon offers instead is a darker version of the bird, one that shines a light on its fears.

At the heart of today's reading isThe Moon. There is temptation brewing to see a situation from a place that may not be realistic - this may be the result of anxiety or fear due to the current situation not coming together as easily as a past success.

The World energy combined with the Moon indicates that you are trying to solve today's problems with the same techniques that worked in the past, however, what worked back then isn't working now and there is a risk of falling into the trap of disillusionment and finding fault for failure in the wrong places. 

A few years ago I had a boss who was successful in sales back in the 80's and when our team's sales began to slump - instead of taking a modern approach he regressed to his "glory days" and required us all to employ tactics that were outdated and frankly not enjoyable for our clients nor the sales team. Our office became a way-back machine to a time when women were mistreated and disrespected, men gathered to drink bourbon during afternoon meetings and as if the stereotype couldn't have been more perfectly cast - he had an affair with his much younger busty blonde assistant. This man was living in a fantasy world and instead of facing reality he found comfort in reenacting the past. 

The Moon is here to serve as a warning - if you are trying to solve today's problem with a solution from the past - it will not lead to solid victory. It's time to approach your situation from a place of new ideas. This is an opportunity to grow and expand your world. 

The bundle of wands on the ground caught the crow's eye as it was flying around looking for a new treasure. From a distance, the wands looked small and manageable and with each flap of the wings closer, the crow became more and more committed to the idea of obtaining them. That was until it got hold of the wands and tried to fly off. Not expecting the challenge, the bird was thrust to the ground where it faced a choice, give up or devise a new plan for getting the bushel home.

The Ten of Wands doesn't provide much in the way of support only that it confirms the warning - figure out a new plan or you will find that the struggle will leave you exhausted, frustrated, and if success is found - it will be a much harder slog unless you take a different approach. 

"When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness." ~Alexis de Tocqueville



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