General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday June 12th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday June 12th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning!

By traveling inward, following our hunches and just taking some time to be alone - opportunities or ideas will manifest. It is from this place of quiet introspection we discover something new, or maybe a long-suppressed passion rises up to the surface - it is here that we are able to feel the intense power of enthusiasm and because of it,  we can bring this thought/desire to life.

Have you ever tried to force a solution into your head or spent too many hours obsessing over how to handle a situation that is going south? Lord knows I have spent far too many hours of my life agonizing over something that I had no control over - and the worst part was all the time wasted because nothing positive - not a single idea came from it. It's a downward spiral that leads nowhere fun.

The message today is one of finding peace so that opportunity can find you.

The High Priestess crow is perched on a crescent moon. This bird knows exactly what you are thinking - and this isn't some parlor trick - she is completely in tune with the energy that surrounds her. This crow reads vibes like it was Sunday paper and because of this skill, she has the ability to maneuver through life avoiding obstacles.

In the past position the High-Priestess energy surfaces as a reminder to follow your hunches. Recall a time that you felt a deep understanding or connection to something, a time that in order to find success you needed to rely on intuition. It will be this experience that will provide you with the tools today to overcome or find a solution to challenge. 

The crow, unable to concentrate, distracted by the sensory overload that comes from living in the city flew deep into the woods. Resting on a branch it found peace and for the first time in forever - its mind was able to rest. The weightless and drifting snow grabbed the bird's focus and before long the feeling of worry and anxiousness melted away. In a state of peace the crow was able to see its life from a new perspective and because of this, a new life was able to unfold. 

At the heart of today's reading is the message that you are being supported - however, to attain the information some uncluttering of your mind must be done. Worry and anxiousness do not lead to ideas  - only to stress and stress leads to fear and when the spiral builds downward momentum - it is all the harder to move things in an upward direction. 

Whether it is a ten-minute walk on your lunch break or a weekend out in the country - the Hermit card is saying its time to go inward and clear out some space so that solutions will have room to manifest. At the risk of sounding like a broken record here - if you can't get away during lunch - or have virtually no alone time (I have been there!) the shower is a good place for this as well...

Where ever you go for inner-peace the key is to change the direction of the spiral from going downward to upward and to do that you must find a place of contentment - even if it is for a few minutes during the day - this is like building block and before long you will find optimism and enthusiasm are easily attainable.  

The Knight of Cups is a dashing charismatic crow. This bird is the life of the party and brings an enthusiasm that is infectious to any situation. This creative and fun-loving creature pulls you in and it is hard to not feel a wee bit special in his presence. 

Waiting for the air to clear and room to ride in...the Knight of Cups arrives in the future position. 

The Knight brings pure passion as you discover something or someone who ignites a fire within. This will be the thing that adds a spring to your step and gets you out of bed in the morning excited to start your day. The energy around this card in one of sheer enthusiasm - although powerful enough to create change, this energy can be unstable and flaky at times. In many ways this is a great transitional energy if coming off of a bad situation because it brings in a fun lighthearted vibe to your life - this allows you to cultivate the positive emotions that are important to manifest or attract experiences that will lead to better opportunities. This may mean that this person will sweep you off your feet - enjoy the time and the experience but if it ends with summer - don't be surprised but instead grateful for the experience as it will be instrumental in raising your vibration so that you can meet the perfect partner. 

"The best thinking has been done in solitude. The worst has been done in turmoil." ~Thomas Edison



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