General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading- Tuesday June 19th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading- Tuesday June 19th

Crow tarot reading

Good morning -

Have you been so caught up in life and managing all the day to day stuff is required from you that the fact that everything is going swimmingly well has gone virtually unnoticed? Stop reading this right now - and think about some of the good things going on. I'll wait...

It is from this place acknowledging the good stuff that we are able to create magic. 

The crows come together to learn and grow. The young ones listen to the old crow as it teaches them not only about life and how to survive but also about their heritage, who they are and their place of value in this world. Because of this foundation, the young crows will be able to fly off - not only wiser but also proud.

In the past position, the Hierophant denotes an early understanding of your self and your heritage as a result of lessons learned during childhood. It was during this time that you formed alliances and sculpted a personal philosophy. Whether it was a hero or historic figure that you connected with - it was during a time of discovering your family's past that shaped your future.

The crow soars through the air as swift as the wind as it follows the eight wands. There is a sense of freedom and purpose in the air as the crow has room to spread its wings as it travels at a high speed - quickly approaching its destination. Although a segment of the journey will reach an end, it is from this end that a new beginning will emerge.

The core energy that is at the center of today's reading is the powerful, fast-forward-moving Eight of Wands. This energy can create an almost uneasy feeling as things are happening very quickly and smoothly. We can get so accustomed to jumping over hurdles that when they are removed it throws us off. The key here is to go with the flow! Embrace this time because it is building the momentum you will need to complete a task and move ahead. 

The energy in the air at this time is setting up the perfect atmosphere for creating and fulfilling a new goal. By focussing your attention on what is going right or your current successes this creates a strong positive energy flow, one that when combined with action will create an unstoppable force and the drive needed to go further.  

The dashing and creative knight of cups travels with the horse, adorning it with flowers it plucks up along the way. It may be an unconventional relationship - but it works for now as they both happily wander - enjoying each other's company. The seductive crow seeing a new opportunity down the path convinces the horse to throw caution to the wind, to seize the day and together they set out in search of a new adventure. 

The Knight of Cups comes in as a bit of a warning as it adds friction to the steady momentum created by the Eight of Wands. There may be a distraction that will seduce you - this may be a new project or person who enters your life and all but consumes you. Because you get side-tracked by this new flight of fancy - the path that you were soaring to may get derailed.

Of course, the Knight may enter as someone or an inner impulse that will bring fresh and creative ideas to your current situation - assisting you in moving ahead. 

The message from the Knight of Cups is to stay alert - 

Becoming distracted by shiny objects is easy, my god it can be so easy - however, it is important to stay focused on your goal!

I find writing my goals and leaving them where I will see is helpful - in some ways it helps be hold myself accountable.  There is momentum building at this time and it will be what is needed to find success.

You will easily be able to detect whether or not this Knight is a distraction or a help simply by his actions. Is he assisting you to reach your goals or is he pulling you over to his? 

"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live." J.K. Rowling 




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