General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday June 5

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday June 5

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

Tuesdays tend to be the most productive day of the week and in regards to this reading - Tuesday is bringing some extra work, however, it is the kind of task that once completed will make the future a bit easier. 

The Crow soars through the air coaxing the horse to move faster. This bird pays no attention to those around him, it's not out of malice or anger that it rushes past all those in its way - it is out of sheer blindness as it is focused on a goal and has little time for distractions or interference.

A reminder of a past pursuit - the Knight of Swords comes through this morning with a message to call upon that driving passion you once felt towards a project or relationship. Whether you were halted due to time, experience, distance apart or someone who criticized your efforts - it was that initial feeling that came with going after a dream with such fervor that a little spark was lit within you and remains waiting to be rekindled.

The crows of the Five of Pentacles tell the story of two groups of birds. The first group is warm and comfortable roosting high up in a tree where they are shielded from the elements. From this place, because the birds have all their basic needs met, they can focus on more important tasks. The crows on the ground, however, live a completely different existence as they try to push through the wind, and although moving forward - their progress is slow. They do have each other  and there is comfort in that but they don't have shelter and as a result, spend a good deal of their energy just focusing on survival. If these birds could break free from the wind and look upward - they would see that there is room for them in the secure tree.

The Five of Pentacles is at the center of today's reading because there is an opportunity that is being overlooked due to not believing or thinking that something better is possible. This may stem from a misguided belief that formed as a result of a past disappointment. This limiting belief may have been formed during a time when you were excited about going after a something or pursuing a new path only to have it squashed because someone who you valued criticized your skills or the ability to find success from your idea. The Five of Pentacles is saying look up and look around, there is a better way to proceed. 

The crow of the Ten of Wands saw the bushel of wands from the sky and decided that it must have it. This was the most beautiful bushel of wands it had ever seen and determination slipped into the crow's being. From several feet up in the air - the wands looked decent sized but still easily manageable - however, up close the wands were far more massive than the bird predicted and the crow was faced with a decision. Self-confident - the crow swooped down and picked up the bushel that immediately pulled the bird back down to earth. The bird struggled a bit - but found its grip and lifted the bushel off the ground and into the air. With every inch, the crow grew more determined and stronger and within a short time, built up enough momentum to help it fly off with its prize. 

The Ten of Wands comes through this morning as a warning. The heaviness of that bushel is directly related to how well we resolve our issues from the past. If you discover and take the opportunity that is at the heart of today's reading - it will be a much easier transition or path forward if your inner voice is one of confidence and strength, opposed to negative self-talk.

For example - perhaps you had a dream of becoming a graphic artist and in school you worked towards that goal, however your parents or someone you cared about instilled the idea that you weren't talented enough to be truly successful - or that a career in art isn't worth pursuing because you will end up just being poor and because of this you moved into a different direction. Then one day an opportunity presents itself to go after that dream from the past - the one that makes your heart sing. Deep inside, however, is that little voice of doubt, a limiting belief about what you can and can't accomplish that took root so long ago. Without meaning to do harm, Lord knows people love to dump their own fears on to the laps of others! They don't realize it but in a way, it is like these negative naysayers create curses that have a long-lasting power and can impact us and how we view ourselves in this world.  

The Ten of Wands asks that you delve in deep and find the source of any negative beliefs you have in regards to this opportunity. By clearing the energy around this situation - you will find that moving forward will be far easier when not weighed down by misconceptions of what you can and can't achieve. 

"Just imagine becoming the way you used to be as a very young child, before you understood the meaning of any word, before opinions took over your mind. The real you is loving, joyful, and free. The real you is just like a flower, just like the wind, just like the ocean, just like the sun." Don Miguel Ruiz








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