General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday May 29

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday May 29

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

The past returns, however, this time you will be the one in charge of your emotions.

The crow hovers above the horse as it travels alongside the animal, but not led by it - if anything it is this charismatic bird that is taking the lead. A creative force full of ideas and a flair for persuasion, the Knight of Cups is a joyful presence even if at times a bit flaky. 

In the past position, the Knight entered your life with a certain joie de vivre that was as intoxicating as a stiff margarita on a hot summer night. This may have been a new relationship or job offer - one that although your sensible side may have been skeptical you found it difficult to resist falling head over heels as enticing promises, fantastic ideas and plans for the future seemed to unfold effortlessly into the air. AND - that is where they remained - up in the air. In many ways where you are, today is a result of falling into the trap of fantasy that comes from wanting something solid, without the necessary foundation. It was this period of time that laid down the groundwork for how you approach life and as a result, has led you to your current situation. 

And that isn't such a bad thing - because you are all the wiser for it.

The crows of the Two of Cups share a heart as they are karmically connected. Standing on the two cups, water flows between them with a force so that not a single drop is lost. These birds come together in a powerful show of unity, one that when together, they can create anything they set their sights on.

The Two of Cups forms a bridge between the creative and dreamy Knight of Cups and the rigid and sensible Emperor. At the heart of today's reading is an opportunity to reconnect with the enticing and captivating energy from the past in a way that comes from a place of learning, not knowing.

Today you are not so green and possess a stronger sense of self and because of this, you are able to forgive in order to grow. You are now able to see that time in your life from a mature perspective and this gives you the power to extract all the positive memories so that they can live on. Although the timing wasn't right back then - with space and life lessons between, there is the potential for forming a strong bond and the much-needed foundation for the future.

The Emperor crow stands tall on his sword, he is a proud bird and a strong leader with a sharp logical mind. He is not an arrogant or bullish bird, nor does he demand loyalty, instead his followers listen to him because of the reputation he earned as a result of his integrity. When The Emperor pays a visit - there is an expectation that you deliver the same energy he offers you. 

The Emperor in the future position cuts through any clouds or haze created by emotions and allows you to see a situation with a clear head. Your analytical mind will come forward, as flights of fancy make room for reality.  It is from this place that you will be able to define your expectations for the future - something that will serve necessary as the Knight of Cups will bring with it a new opportunity to revisit the past. 

"The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing." ~ Isaac Asimov




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