General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday November 6th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday November 6th

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Good morning,

Although having an end goal can help drive progress when we are too rigid in our definition of success we miss out on opportunities that may require spontaneity and in the end miss out on an even better outcome in the future.

The crow flies alongside a fast moving horse as it crosses an open landscape free from obstacles. The pair is free to move in any direction that calls them and without much thought, they follow their impulses. With the sun still high there is ample daylight providing plenty of opportunities to explore. 

The foundation for your current situation was created as a result of an impulsive act - you took an idea and ran with it without much consideration for how it would turn out in the end. Whether it be that it caught your attention at just the right time or intrigued you enough to take action the Knight of Wands brought into your life an energy of seizing an opportunity without thinking too much or holding expectations. 

It may have been applying for a job that interested you on a whim and although you may not have had an exact skill match - you landed it anyway. Perhaps you met a complete stranger who you felt an instant connection with and asked them out on a date - and now you are in a committed relationship. Perhaps you had a creative vision and instead of putting it on the backburner you gathered your resources and now you are in the midst of bringing this creative work to the public. 

The crow is determined to finish its project of planting each wand in its place and although the previous eight wands seemed to go up without much stress - the last one is proving to be far more challenging. To the outside observer, the task hardly seems worth the effort - but for the bird, finishing is the only solution as it has decided that the last wand will be just like the other eight - and when it is done - then and only then is the job done.

At the heart of today's reading is the Nine of Wands and the energy this card brings to the surface is that of being focused on a task - one that has you with your nose so far down on the grindstone that you may not even realize how monumental the task at hand would be for someone else - it has just become part of who you are today. 

Perhaps you are caring for another person who depends on you whether it be a sick parent or child. Maybe you are working on going back to school while at the same time working full-time and taking care of a family. Whatever it is that you are in the throws of - If you step back and look at all you have accomplished - it is extraordinary and yet for you its just life. Just another day.

Whereas a spontaneous act may have led you to your current place - where you are today is less free-spirited and more planned as you have created a structure for managing all of your required daily tasks. 

The crow clutches the four pentacles out of fear that if one falls or is dropped it will lose its ability to control its hold on the other three. 

The Four of Pentacles suggests there is rigidity in your life - that there may be a fear that letting something go would lead to losing everything. Because of this, you may be micro-managing those around who wish to help or unable to see alternatives because you see them as distractions that may take away from your schedule of tasks.

You have a set idea for how the day will look, what the outcome of all your efforts will be and it is this expectation that has been the motivating force keeping you going. 

But what if there is more - what if you are holding on so tightly to an idea of what success looks like that you are missing something bigger or a chance to add more moments of joy to your day? 

The vibe I get from today's reading is to recapture the curiosity that once allowed you to freely explore. When you ease your grip and let life unfold with less constraint small impromptu events will become more attractive and will enable you to break up the monotony (lifting your head from the grindstone a little) opening the door to new experiences as well opportunities for a better future.  

"Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit." ~ e. e. cummings 



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