General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday October 16th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday October 16th

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Good morning! 

Today I am using the NEW deck that US GAMES SYSTEMS is publishing. They were kind enough to send me a sample before it hits the stores late this year! All I can say is it is beautiful and to see my artwork in their box sent shivers up my spine! 

For those interested in getting one of the independently published backer decks - I have a few left - you can order it here!

In the past things fell into place easily and life moved along without much friction - however when there is an expectation that things will stay the same or that we become too attached to what has worked in the past - when a new solution (one that requires us to think outside the box) appears it may be ignored. 

The crow on her way to a new destination discovered that by staying in the flow of the wands she would reach her desired outcome with little to no interference as the wands cleared the way. 

With the Eight of Wands in the past position, you were caught up in a time when everything was going right. The job you had your heart on opened up and you got it - your dream partner just ended a bad relationship and discovered you were the person of their dreams as well. The house you had been admiring for years finally went on the market and miraculously it was at the perfect price for your budget. With the Eight of Wands obstacles that would have normally presented themselves seemed to melt away - life was pretty damn sweet. During this time you went with the flow because the flow was moving you forward - the momentum seemed endless. That was until it wasn't.

The crow sits in a tree contemplating life as it is faced with a challenge that seems strange and unfamiliar - and the solutions that had worked in the past seem to have little to no effect in helping the bird resolve the problem. The answer, however, is floating right in front of the bird's face but because it doesn't appear like any of the solutions it has used in the past - it is unable to see the value in it. 

The Four of Cups comes through this morning with the message to look for solutions in unexpected places. If you have been trying the same old techniques and are now getting lackluster results or if the problem isn't going away - it is time to take a different approach. 

With the Eight of Wands setting up the foundation - you may have been lulled into a false sense of security or a belief that things would stay the same way forever because everything was going so well for so long. The Four of Cups brings an awareness that you blinded by an attachment to methods you used in the past to reach a goal or solve a problem. 

The crow stands victorious - or at least that is what he tells himself. What he doesn't see is that he may have won the battle but what he lost was far more significant as he doesn't walk away as a leader - no he walks away as a bully and brut and because of this, it is a shallow victory at best. 

The Five of Swords brings a warning - if you continue to force change by using outdated methods if you barrel ahead without giving much thought to new ideas or strategies you may if you are lucky -  get what you want but it won't leave you feeling good like it did during the time of the Eight of Wands - instead you will risk losing your integrity, reputation and being seen as someone who is rigid and difficult to work with. 

 The way these cards come together reminds me of an old boss who's heyday in sales was during the 80's and when the company's sales hit a little slump - he wanted all of us on the team to employ these horrible outdated sales tactics that made everyone on the team cringe. What worked back in 1987 on the phone definitely did not work with our product or our customers in 2016! However, he was too set in his ways to see that there were other ways of achieving his goal of higher sales and the end result was a sales team who lost respect for their leader and some (including myself) ended up leaving the company. 

"The ground beneath you is shifting, and either you get sucked in by holding on to old ways, or you take a giant step forward by taking some risks and seeing what happens." ~ Bonnie Hammer



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