General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading -  Tuesday September 11th

General Three Card Crow Tarot Reading - Tuesday September 11th

Crow Tarot Reading

Good morning! 

There is a period of unsettledness brewing as you find yourself second-guessing decisions and worrying about issues that haven't happened yet - or will ever happen for that matter and because of this the energy you are sending out is a mixed signal - you want what you desire, yet at the same time are afraid of achieving it or doing the work to get it. 

The crow while migrating home to roost with the others took an unusual detour and left the sky to perch itself on the wand. Here the bird discovered a new city, one it had never seen before and without too much thought, the crow trusted its gut and the signs, and decided to head off in a new direction - to the new city. 

The Ace of Wands indicates that you made a shift in the direction you were going as a result of a big decision on that you felt held the promise for a better life, a more fulfilled life. This may have been in the past during your youth such as deciding on a career choice that went against what others had expected of you - this may have been getting married at a young age. Whatever this event - your life is divided as before this event and after this event. The same can be said if the event happened more recently - either way, there is a before and an after. 

The Ace of Wands points to sparking something new, something unchartered - during this period you had a bolt of creative energy surge through you and as a result, the perfect situation or event needed to get you on that path manifested. 

Serving as a foundation for your present situation - if you trace back the events of the past they will lead you to the Ace of Wands moment.

The crow is up yet again another night with vivid nightmares. Although none have come true and most reside in the realm if fantasy created by fear, none-the-less the lack of sleep is taking its toll and the bird is exhausted. With a heavy energy weighing the crow down and with a lack of sleep this poor bird is scattered and unable to focus - causing a downward spiral and with it the risk of manifesting its worst fears.

The Nine of Swords has been coming up quite a bit lately and perhaps it has a lot to do with the overall uncertainty of life that we are experiencing collectively. 

With the Ace of Wands setting up this reading, the Nine of Swords comes through because feelings of fear or that of being overwhelmed by a situation are consuming you. You may be second-guessing your skills and that bold move of the past because in order to progress on the path you will need to get out of your comfort zone. You may be avoiding a difficult conversation with your partner and as a result, there is stress in your relationship.

The Nine of Swords brings to the surface anxiety and with anxiety comes an energy that sends us all over the place. We hyperfocus on the problem, then we obsess, then we feel helpless and out of control, we fear the unknown and the known equally and at the end of the day all of the emotions that we tried to keep under wraps spring out while we sleep. The next day with a lack of sleep, the anxiety worsens and with each sleepless night getting back on track becomes that much harder. 

The warning that is coming through this morning is to get a hold of your fears, are they rational? Are they solvable? With the energy of the Nine of Swords present our inner compass is spinning all directions - this is a time to find your north - get centered so that you can proceed with confidence. 

The crow stands boldly on the lion's head - together they make quite the visionary team with the power to pull together support in order to create something long-lasting and very successful.

Supporting you is the King of Wands - this is an energy of a creator, of a doer and what this card is saying is if you put in the work, there will be nothing to fear - you will release yourself from the anxiety that currently has a hold on you. Use your creative mind and look for solutions - it is often through our struggles that we get the answers to our problems - the only issue is that too often fear prevents from us to following through. With the King of Wands here - you will have the faith to proceed boldly and act on your gut instincts. 

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe




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